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RWA Signing: "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing - 7/22/15

I did not attend this year's RWA conference, but I did go to the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing event that took place on July 22nd. 

Here is what the RWA website says about the event:
At the "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing, hundreds of romance authors meet with and sign books for fans in this two-hour event, with the proceeds from book sales going to literacy organizations.  
In 2015, Romance Writers of America raised more than $48,000 to benefit literacy programs — bringing our total donations since 1990 to more than $900,000. This year's beneficiaries are ProLiteracy WorldwideLiteracy Partners, and Literacy Assistance Center.
The event took place in a giant ballroom at the Marriott Marquis and it was crazy. So many authors. So many fans. So many people! It was a great event and I am glad that I went. 

The picture below is the holding room that we waited in before the signing....I liked the giant lights.  Very cool. 

So like the description said, there were hundreds of authors that were signing so I took it upon myself to figure out who I wanted to see and made a point of looking at the seating chart to see where they would be sitting. I needed to be prepared!

I didn't wait in Nora Robert's line (it was SO long), but I did manage to take this photo, which I immediately sent to a friend of mine and was like "IT'S NORA ROBERTS!!!" I have read so many of her books and she was one of the first romance authors that I ever read. She's a legend!

Here are the authors that I did wait in line to see: 

Jill Shalvis 

I've read all of her books and the Lucky Harbor series is just the best!  I had already read Second Chance Summer, but I couldn't help's JILL SHALVIS!!! (Plus it was for charity, so why not?!?!)

Jennifer Probst

I met Jennifer  for the first time back in May and was lucky enough to see her once again. She is the nicest person! Seriously, if you are ever at a signing and she is there, make sure to stop and say hello!!

Toni Blake

I read Toni's Destiny Series quite a few years ago and I LOVED it so I took the opportunity to pick up the two books in her Coral Cove series. She was the sweetest. Did you know she writes erotics books under the name Lacey Alexander? I didn't either!  

Marquita Valentine 

I've made it very clear on my blog (as well as other social media outlets) that I LOVE Marquita's books!  I picked up the first book in her Lawson Brothers series. Have you read it yet?  It's currently FREE on Amazon: It was awesome to meet her in person as well!  I am now making my way through her Holland Springs series and I LOVE it! 

Rachel Lacey

I've interacted with Rachel on both Facebook and Twitter so I made a point of stopping by to say hello and picked up some swag while I was there.  Have you read her Love to the Rescue series?  She has a new book, Ever After, coming out in a couple weeks. You can pre-order it here:

Chanel Cleeton

Chanel didn't have any books for sale, but I have read Capital Confessions series, so I stopped by to say hello and tell her how much I love her books!  The 3rd book comes out in September and I can't wait to read it! I have a feeling this will be the best one yet!  

Overall the signing was fantastic! It was a bit overwhelming at time for a newbie like myself, but it was all for charity and I not only picked up some great books, but I got to meet some of the best people!

I also got to meet a couple more authors that weren't taking part in the signing event:

Claudia Connor

After the signing I had the chance to meet the one and only Claudia!! I am part of her Facebook group (HI CRAZI CREW!!) and she was nice enough to meet up with anyone who was attending the signing. She even gave us some Worth the Fall swag...I DO LOVE MATT!!! It was awesome to just sit and chat with her and also a few other authors who were just hanging around. I even met  a couple other Crew members who were there.  

Chloe Barlow

On Friday of that week I met up with Chloe! We have been interacting online (HI CHLOE'S CREW!) for a while now, so it was wonderful to finally meet her. We had a lovely chat about books (what else?!?!) and I'm so glad she was able to have some free time to meet me. If you haven't read her Gateway to Love series, you really should. She writes amazing, kick ass women and swoonworthy men. Go check her out!

Overall the signing was fantastic!  It was a bit overwhelming at time for a newbie like myself, but it was all for charity and I not only picked up some great books, but I got to meet some of the best people!

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  1. Hi Kim, Love your blog....!! I also went and had the same idea as you. I planned out who I wanted to meet and marked the seating chart and made my way through. I regret not waiting to meet Nora Roberts but the line was long... Jill is awesome, Toni Blake a fantastic person and I also got to meet Claudia and got "SWAG".. love Matt too!! It really was a fun event, and so glad I took the ferry over from New Jersey and enjoyed a great day in New York!!! Thanks for sharing your blog! :) Denise Conlow