Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: Love So True (The Lawson Brothers #2) by Marquita Valentine

Finally, Lucas Lawson is a free man. After serving five years in prison for embezzlement, he’s come home to Jessamine to right the wrongs he committed against his friends and family. But, it won’t be easy. For starters, the brother he’s looked up to his entire life wants nothing to do with him, and no one in town trusts Lucas enough to give him a chance to make amends. Until, Bailey Yates gives him a job at her family’s diner.

Single mom, Bailey Yates, has had enough of bad boys to last her the next eighteen years. She’s always been a sucker for them, and Jessamine’s ultimate bad boy, Lucas Lawson, is no exception. So, when he returns to town, naturally she’s drawn to him. And naturally, she must avoid him at all costs—no matter how sexy he is. She’ll give him a job, and keep her distance…until Lucas saves her son from a hit and run.

Bailey gives Lucas a hope for the future he hasn’t allowed himself to feel in years while Lucas melts Bailey’s heart every time he spends time with her son. Could he be the one to put her life back together? But when Lucas is accused of stealing from a local charity, Bailey must decide to support him or realize that some men are too good to be true.

My Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Lucas just wants to start over. He went to jail, served his time and wants to make amends. Almost everyone welcomes him home with open arms, but he has trouble finding a job. A job that he needs to avoid going back to jail. 

Bailey has no problem welcoming Lucas back to town. They kind of knew each other in high school (they even kissed once), but she is even more intrigued by the man he is today. After hearing about his job troubles, she gives him one at her parents' diner, which she runs. Unfortunately for her, her parents are wary of Lucas because they were one of the victims of the embezzlement. But Bailey trusts Lucas and knows that he wouldn't do anything to mess things up again. 

Lucas and Bailey become quick friends and after he saves her son from being seriously injured. I enjoyed the easy rapport between the two of them. He appreciated that Bailey had all this trust in him. Throughout the book Lucas struggled to show his brother Brody that he was a changed man. Brody was super stubborn even after Brody had no problem easing into this new life and proving that he was different. Bailey's support meant everything to him and as they grew closer, his feelings for her grew. 

Bailey had such a big heart and even though initially she thinks her attraction to Lucas was because she has a thing for bad boys, it doesn't take long for her to realize that he is anything but a bad boy. Sure, he may have done wrong in the past, but he is nothing like the man he used to be. Lucas is just good people. 

Here's a little snippet of from the book. I think it is a pretty good example of why Bailey fell for Lucas the way she did. 

I hope you don’t mind, but I had a new lock installed on your gate. The van that hit my truck belonged to a locksmith. He was more than happy to do it, free of charge,” Lucas said from the doorway.
Her mouth dropped open. That man had done that for her? “Wow. I never expected…I can’t believe he would do that. Do you think I should pay him, or at least offer him a meal on the house at the diner?”
“Considering you didn’t press charges against him, he should have changed the locks on your entire house for free. So no.”
She glanced over shoulder, astonished at how angry he sounded for her. “Uh, Lucas?”
“Yes?” He wouldn’t look inside, his chin was tipped up and he was staring at the ceiling.
A giggle escaped her before she could stop it.
“What’s so funny?” he asked.
“Is there something super interesting about my ceiling?” she asked, keeping one eye on Lucas. His cheeks flushed and he stepped away from the door, until all she could see were the tips of his boots. “I’m not sure where to look or what the rules are.”
Her heart melted even more than it already had. And it was in a virtual puddle over him saving Leo. Never in her life would she forget the sight of his big body covering her son, taking him down and rolling him to safety.
She was pretty sure her heart fell right out of her open mouth and expired on the spot. 
Come back tomorrow for my review of the newest installment of the series, Love So Irresistible

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