Monday, March 23, 2015

Review: Something Real (Friends Series #3) by Ariadne Wayne

Olivia Grant’s husband left her and their two children without even a backward glance. In an attempt to find herself, she turns to an old love. Writing.

Publishing erotic novels in secret, she finds a muse in her neighbour and friend, Logan. She’s not his type, but Logan makes her burn with the desire she conveys in her novels. When her secret is exposed, Logan feels betrayed and used. More than anything, Olivia needs to regain his trust and prove to him that what they have is something real.

My Review

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I devoured this book. When I read the synopsis I knew that I would enjoy it, I just didn't think I would finish it in one afternoon.

Olivia's husband has left her. While their marriage was never great, him packing up and leaving was very unexpected. Olivia now has to provide for her two sons, while trying to put her life back together. It doesn't take long for her to realize that she needs to downsize her life and she moves into a nearby apartment complex with her two young sons.  

Logan Mitchell lives in that apartment complex and is Olivia's next door neighbor. I just want to say this....I read a lot of books and there are a lot of authors out there who know how to write a swoonworthy hero, but Logan may be the swooniest I have read in a long time. He befriends Olivia soon after she moves in and immediately forms a bond with her two boys. By the middle of the book he essentially becomes the father figure in their life and it is absolutely adorable. 

Logan and Olivia start off as friends, but Logan makes it perfectly clear that he wants more. Olive needs a little encouragement but she eventually says yes when Logan asks her out. From that point on Logan does everything he can to show Olivia just how special she is. Their first date is basically perfect and Logan takes wonderful care of Olivia when she comes down with the flu. And that comes at a time when they aren't speaking because he discovered that she had been using him as inspiration for her books. He is exactly what Olivia needs to move past all the hurt her husband had caused. Not to mention Logan looks like this:
He was tall, and I raised my eyes, taking in his T-shirt which barely hid his chest muscles. His biceps were huge, and he had a tattoo on one arm peeping out from under a sleeve. At the top were these chocolate-brown eyes, the type you just want to melt into.
Stubble covered his chin and cheeks, meeting his thick dark hair by his ears. He was tough, but so beautiful. And he had one of those grins on his face that just screamed that he thought he was onto something. Hopefully me.
And says things like this:
"It’s you, Liv. It’s you, and Jack, and Thomas. You’re the ones I give all my promises too now, and I’ll keep every single one. I know there’s still so much to learn about one another, but you’re the one I want to spend my life with. That much is so clear.”

(Side note: When I went through the book to grab these quotes and I ended up rereading large chunks of the book.)

While I wouldn't say the synopsis for this book is misleading, I will say that there is so much more to this book than the synopsis lets on. The erotic novel part is present, but it is definitely a secondary storyline. It serves as more of a vehicle to allow Olivia to move on. This is a wonderful story about starting over and learning to love again. While this is a stand alone novel, it is part of a series and I will definitely be going back to read the two previous books.  

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