Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Fame (The Addiction Series #2) by Meghan Quinn


The moment you think everything is perfect in your life, it can all come tumbling down on top of you.

Shattered Souls hasn’t seen each other in months. Deception and ghosts from the past have torn them apart, leading them their separate ways. When they realize they need to solve their differences and get back together for the sake of the band, they can’t find their lead singer, Rook Tyler, who’s been missing for months.

Twisted Perfection is just coming off the high of yet another tour but this time, they weren’t riding the coat tails of Shattered Souls. Even though they’ve become more popular, all of the success from the last tour means nothing to Maisy as she continues to struggle daily from the loss of Rook.

Fame finds both of the bands but sometimes, it can be lonely at the top. Both bands realize if they want to succeed, they have to drop their differences and join together, but it’s never that easy. Lovers, drugs, people’s pasts and death get in the way, while they try to travel down the bumpy road toward fame.

My Review

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

Warning: This review may be a bit spoilery so read at your own risk. 

When Meghan Quinn writes, I imagine that she sits there typing and twirling her imaginary mustache. And then when she finishes a book, she laughs. A very evil laugh. No, really. Have you read her books? Good lord, she loves to throw unexpected plot twists at her readers.  

It's six months after the end of Toxic and things are not going well for guys of Shattered Souls. Rook has disappeared and Landon and Grey are not speaking. Cruz keeps trying to find Rook, but all of his attempts are coming up empty. They haven't been together in months and it doesn't look like things are getting better anytime soon. 

Meanwhile the members of Twisted Perfection are coming off another successful tour. Maisy is dating someone else, but still isn't over Rook. Kaid is still acting as the glue holding the band together and Willow is enjoying her success, maybe a little too much. Although she is in a sex only relationship with Cruz, she is still harboring feelings for Grey, although she hasn't seen him in months. Then after a photo shoot, she hooks up with the photographer and he introduces her to cocaine. And it is all downhill from there. She somehow manages to hide the abuse from everyone, but they are all so wrapped up in their own dramas, hiding it is very easy. Willow definitely brought the drama in this book. She became such a bitch and I wanted to smack her upside the head so many times!  

Despite being apart for most of the book, we still get a little bit of the Rook and Maisy love story. He intentionally hurt Maisy as a way to protect her and is Rook punishing himself for that. Grey eventually tracks him down and finds him in a terrible state. He brings Rook home and when Raisy are reunited, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. They have a lot to work through and starting over as friends is how they are going to do it. But even after everything you can still feel the love between the two of them. I can't wait until they are together again. I love them together. 
“You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re independent, and you’re, hands down, the most amazingly gorgeous woman I’ve ever met. That day, the worst day of my life, there was a reason that all happened, and I’m going to make sure you know what went down, because I can’t live without you, Maisy. I just fucking can’t.”
With that, he leaned back in his chair as a lonely tear streamed down Maisy’s face. She could feel him starting to wear a hole in the wall she’d erected around her heart.
Eventually things start to calm down and it seems as though the bands are getting back on track. It looks like Kaid is finally going to get a lady friend for himself and Cruz is in a sort of real relationship (I stress the "sort of"). Maisy and Rook are on good terms and Grey and Landon have reconciled. But then BAM!! We not only get one plot twist, but TWO FREAKING PLOTS TWISTS. Two BOMBS that not only made me yell at my ereader, but also made me cry. I cried like a freaking baby. 

And cue Meghan Quinn.....

Now when do we get book 3?  

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