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Kimmy's Book Boyfriend List - Part 3

Of course I love all my book boyfriends equally. Kind of. Okay, maybe not, but I do love them all. These are the guys that make me audibly sigh when I think about them. And if you are reading this, you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

These guys may not always make the best choices and I may have wanted to give them a good Gibbs smack, but I still love 'em. Not sure what I mean by a Gibbs smack? Here you go:

Haven't we all wanted to do that? Trust comes in handy when discussing characters with your fellow book lovers.

Now keep in mind...this is only part of the list. It was getting so long that I knew I would never get around to posting the darn thing, so I'm breaking it up. 5 delicious men at a time. And in no particular order.

11. Max

Max is just HOT. He carries on a secret relationship with Chloe and these two have AMAZING chemistry.  

“You tell me what you want from me, and I’ll always deliver, baby.” His voice was raw, and I realized that he did want me as badly as I wanted him, he was just better at controlling it. And then suddenly, his hands were gone from inside me. 
“Max!” I whipped my head from side to side to get a read on him, but it was no use—I couldn’t see him anywhere. Out of nowhere, his arms wrapped around either side of me, and he rubbed massage oil all over my front. His hands slid easily between me and the table, and in a minute I was covered front and back with the oil. 
He grabbed the fabric strung between my two wrists, pulling back on it so I slid further down the table a bit and his hard cock penetrated my core. He was fully seated inside of me as I let out a startled cry, but he took no mercy on me, using my bound wrists to slide me up and down the table while he slammed in and out of me.
The nerve endings inside me were on fire, sending mini shockwaves of bliss out to the rest of my body. The friction on my nipples as I moved up and down the table was almost as intense as the feel of his hard shaft breaching me. 
Sounds of Max’s labored breathing and the slapping out of our bodies as they joined together in ecstasy filled the room. I’d never heard a more beautiful chorus.”

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12. Locke

Here is why Harper Sloan is a GENIUS. All throughout the Corps Security Series we got glimpses of Maddox Locke. He would show up and be all alpha-y and then show us his sensitive side with one of the women. We didn't learn much about him, but all these little glimpses of him had me in intrigued. Then he got his own book, I read his story and I fell head over heels for him. 
“I’m not going to fuck you,” I say.  Her eyes narrow at that, and I could kick my own ass for blurting that out.  “Yeah, clearly I’m not good at this shit, Em.  Cut me some slack.  Bottom line, I don’t want you away from me.  I need you near me.  I need to feel your warm skin, smell your intoxicating scent, and hear your sass even when you’re silent.  I get that we need to hash shit out, but right now, I need to feel that you’re still here more than I need to waste time with some pleasantries of separate bedrooms.  I need you, Em.  Maybe even more than you need me at the moment, and that’s a whole fucking lot.”  I kiss her lightly, breathing her scent in deeply, before taking off to the bathroom to shower.”

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13. Locke

Apparently if you name your hero Locke, I will want to make him my boyfriend. This Locke is sexy fighter pilot with a British accent. He's a gentleman, but also a badass.  
"My fingers ran through his hair and I pressed my lips harder against his. He chuckled then nibbled my bottom lip. A flurry of anticipation erupted as I wondered where he would nip next. His lips traveled slowly below my ear and I tipped my head back slightly and lightly purred. His breath warmed against my skin, as his hands explored under my tank and up my back. An electric pulse ignited as his fingers traced along my spine. I slid my fingernails gently down his arms. Bumps rose upon his skin and I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.
He stopped kissing me, and my body fell into instant withdrawal. I wasn’t ready for it to end. I leaned into him. His tongue traced along the pulsing vein in my neck and I resisted the urge to cheer out. And when his lips brushed against my cheek and his breath tickled my ear, I shuddered.
“Bloody hell. You take danger to a whole new level,” he whispered and nuzzled into my neck."

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14. Brax

I'm a sucker for a hot guy with a Boston accent, so I loved Brax from the moment he was introduced. And he plays baseball. LOVE HIM.
“The now-familiar male laugh sounded from the other side of the closed door. “Um, pardon me, sweetheart, I’m not leaving until you tell me your name. You’ve made it an issue now, see?” The way he said sweetheart came out like sweethaht. Pardon, pahdon. “I’m sitting down. In the hall. Against your door. And I got patience, Sunshine. A fuckin’ lot of it.”

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15. Branson

Branson was a giant asshat in previous books and I did not like him at all. Then I learned his story and he totally redeemed himself. And now I love him. 

“I release one of her hands and bring mine down to stroke her cheek. “Hey, no talk of other men or convents when you’re in my bed. Or ever. I mean it, Ariana. I want permanent. Marriage, kids, all of it. Because…”  
She smiles, a slow, satisfied smile, and I pause to capture this moment.
Letting out a deep breath, I know it’s now or never. “I love you. I’m in love with you, and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Only you.”
Her hooded eyes widen, a small gasp escaping her lips. “Branson, I… Oh my God. Are you serious?” 
My hand cups her cheek, my thumb rubbing against her skin as I look down at her. “I've never been more serious in my life. I know it seems soon, but I spent far too long wasting my life with someone I didn't love. Now that I have you and I know how I feel, I don’t want to waste time questioning it or thinking it’s too soon. I don’t want to waste another second of my life without you knowing how much I love you.”

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