Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stripped Saturday #2 - Stripped Bare by Emma Hart


STRIPPED BARE by Emma Hart is coming June 21st!
What do you get when you mix a bachelorette party, the queen of dating disasters, and a stripper so hot he was forged from the fires of hell? Screwed. You get screwed....

Cocky. Commanding. Powerful. Relentless.

Those four words all summed up West Rykman perfectly.
So did filthy, dirty, sexy, and addictive.

He was supposed to be my one night stand...not my new marketing client.

He was definitely not supposed to be back inside my pants, not that anybody told him that.

I knew one thing: What West Rykman wanted, West Rykman got.

And he wanted me.

What happens in Vegas... might just make you stay.

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