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RELEASE BLITZ, 4 STAR REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Dex (Kinky Shine #1) by Stephanie Witter

Title: Dex

Series: Kinky Shine #1 

Author: Stephanie Witter 

Genre: Rockstar Romance/Contemporary

Release Date: May 3, 2016

She succeeded in making him feel like a man. A normal functioning man when he hadn’t felt that way in years. 

"Who're you f*cking?"

When my father, manager of the worldwide phenomenon Kinky Shine, asked me to come and help the band members appear more approachable I never thought my first meeting with Dex Bowers would start with such a question.

Immediately, I wanted to strangle him, wipe the smirk off his face and force him to mutter more than three words.

But there's something mysterious about him that was electrifying and the more he pushed me away and angered me, the more I wanted to know him and push through his hangups.

"Trust. That f*cking trust thing didn't come easily to me."

In the five years since my band became famous, not once had I been photographed with a woman. I knew it fed the supposed mystery surrounding me, but the real truth was far more humiliating than I was comfortable with.

That was until Harley Floyd walked in and I was left with a mind numbing lust for her that scared me shitless. It should be easy to let go and trust her just enough to have fun, to be happy I could finally come up with new material for our next album. But nothing was easy and with a life made of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll I wasn't sure if anything could last. Not even my band.

"What twenty-five year old was f*cking lost when his cock was rock hard when close to a gorgeous woman? One answer to that; a man who hadn’t had sex in a really long time."

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My Review

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Harley and Dex first meeting is anything but pleasant. Within minutes of meeting her, he insults her to the point where even I wanted to reach into the book and smack him. He comes off as such an asshole and it was great to see him get knocked on his ass when he realized who Harley is....his manager's daughter. 

Harley is shadowing Kinky Shine in hopes that she can elevate their online presence. The guys are a little wary of her plan, but they learn quite quickly that Harley knows her stuff and are more then willing to cooperate. Even Dex agrees...after a little hand holding and assurance that this will help the band. After apologizing to Harley and getting on board with her social media plan, the two of them spend time together. They find that they are extremely attracted to each other, but they are each holding on to some heavy baggage and neither of them are looking for a relationship. 

Harley is wary about getting involved with a famous musician. She doesn't like to be in the spotlight and since Dex is one of the most famous musicians in the business, it is just a bad idea. Then throw in the fact that her father is the band's manager, and getting involved with Dex is an extremely bad idea. Meanwhile, Dex went through a traumatic experience in high school and hasn't been with a woman in a very long time. But as he gets to know Harley, he finds that the feelings that have been locked away for the last seven years are starting to comeback. 

So on paper these two look like a trainwreck, but in reality they work. They work so darn well. They have ridiculous chemistry and Harley even gives Dex the inspiration he had been missing to write the band's next album. Harley calms and soothes Dex in a way that he didn't think was possible and I just loved it. He may come off as a cocky, closed off rock star, but he is far from that. 

I love a good rock star book and it's even better when you know going in that this is part of a series. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. The author has painted a great picture for all of these guys and I am excited to get all of their stories.


“Harley…’’ There was a fucking warning in her name, but she didn’t budge, didn’t bat an eye. But she did stop breathing for a second and her green eyes darkened again. My whole body shivered at her reaction. I inhaled and I didn’t smell the traffic exhaustion or other smells associated with LA. No, what I smelt was her vanilla perfume.

I pressed harder in the wall, the concrete biting into my back. I clenched my fists and kept my eyes locked with hers. I traced my lower lip with my tongue and her eyes went down to my mouth. My heart tripled in beat and a low growl escaped me. It couldn’t be heard with the bustling noise of the city, but it shocked me. I couldn’t remember the last time I had such a reaction.

When I thought she’d take a step toward me, she took one backward and away from me. Her eyes widened and she blushed. “I guess this time I should be the one leaving,’’ she said in a small voice, her words stumbling into each other's .

“No.’’ What the fuck was I saying?

“What? I mean,’’ she shook her head. “I’m leaving.’’

I grabbed her shoulders and crowded her space before I realized what I was doing. Her scent enveloped me, enticed me. The thin material of her top was soft under my fingers, almost like nothing was separating me from her body. If I took a half step toward her I would feel her perfect breasts against my chest. I clenched my jaw and tried to calm my labored breathing. After a few seconds without moving she tilted her head upward to look at me and I was fucked. I thought I had been before that, but now, now I was lost to the sensations she was awakening in me, sensations I thought were gone.

Her lips, lush and parted called out to me. Her cheeks coloring more and more into a deeper red had me ready to damn myself for this show of innocence. Her eyes, bright and yet getting glassier showed nothing akin to innocence and that made me ready to come in my fucking pants. She was a contradiction and I would have never thought it’d be so tantalizing.

“What are you doing?’’ she whispered and her breath brushed my neck. I closed my eyes, my lips parted on a low moan. Fuck. What was she doing to me?

“Push me away. Now.’’

I kept my eyes closed to better feel the brush of her breathing on my skin. My cock was pushing against my zipper and it was fucking painful. I wanted to squeeze myself and jerk off to find a release, but I couldn’t. We were on a street in broad daylight.

I waited and waited and nothing happened. She kept on breathing irregularly and didn’t push me away.

So I did the only thing I could; I opened my eyes.

Author Bio

Stephanie Witter is a dreamer. She started learning English at three, and fell in love with the language. Always with a book or two close by, she can't spend a day without reading (or writing).

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