Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sexy in the City Event - 5/30/15

Last weekend I attended that Sexy in the City Event here in New York City. Thanks to The Hype PR and Jenna Galicki for putting on a fantastic event. It was my first book event and it was just the right amount of crazy for me to handle!!

I already owned some of the books I brought with me, but I also bought my fair share at the event. Either was a lot of books! Also, isn't that print everyone received adorable??

My first stop was to see Steph Nuss. I LOVE her books and couldn't wait to meet her! She is just the sweetest and I'm so happy that I now own all 3 books in her Love in the City series. We chatted for a long time and she gave me a little insight into her next book. (JUSTIN!!!)

I even met some fellow members of Steph's fan group Nuss' Navy! (HI LADIES!!!) It was lovely meeting them and hopefully I will see them at future signings!

I was also super excited to meet Tessa Bailey and she did not disappoint! Tessa is not only an amazing author, but she is also the nicest person. I stopped by her table twice and the second time we ended up chatting for a little bit. She commented later that we could have kept chatting for a few more hours, which is totally true! 

Fun fact: I won that ARC of Chase me from Monica Murphy, who was also at this signing!

Fellow author Rebecca Yarros asked me to get a "bad photo" of Tessa and this was the best I could do. Sorry Rebecca!!

After meeting these two I slowly made my way around the room....

Jennifer Probst was the sweetest person. I had tweeted at her earlier that morning so when I introduced myself she gave me the most awesome excited greeting. It was awesome. I had just read Searching for Beautiful and I LOVED it, so I picked up a copy and had her sign that. She also had some awesome swag. I grabbed an adorable wallet. 

I have read all of the books in Carly Phillips' Dare series, but the most recent book was definitely my favorite and I managed to get the last copy!  Check out the cool swag she included with my purchase!

I have been wanting to read Kristen Proby's Boudreaux Series so I picked up the first book. Also, she is really good at taking selfies. If you ever meet Kristen, have her take a selfie!

The week before the event I made a trip to Strand Bookstore to see what they had in stock and I was lucky enough to buy the first two books in Emma Chase's Tangled series. I read them and LOVED them so it's nice to have the paperbacks. We chatted a little about her new series, which I haven't read yet, but is definitely on the top of my TRB.

I introduced myself to Monica Murphy as "the girl who won the ARC of Tessa Bailey's Chase Me" that she recently gave away. It was nice to be able to thank her in person.  

I had a nice stack of books that I had her sign. I read Fair Game and loved it (SHEP!!!!), so I picked up a copy of that. I also bought her One Week Girlfriend series from Strand so I had her sign that as well.  

The last stop I made before I left was to see Ahren Sanders. I met her earlier that day, but I wanted to say goodbye because she was the NICEST. She also had some cool swag at her table so I picked up a few things. 

I also picked up a copy of Deborah Bladon's book Chance. She was giving them away at her table! I wasn't familiar with this particular book, but it is a friends to lovers book, so I am sure I will enjoy it.

It was such a fantastic day! There were a lot more authors there that I didn't meet and of course those handsome cover models. Every once in a while I would hear a big cheer coming from the direction of one of the cover model booths. I guess that's what happens when they take their shirts off!  

Thanks again to the organizers and to everyone I met that day for being so lovely. Hopefully we will meet again at future events! 


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