Monday, August 8, 2016

5 Star Review: Then He Kissed Me (Cottonbloom Novels #2) by Laura Trentham

Can two hearts come together in one divided town?

As a boy, Nash Hawthorne spent countless afternoons on the Louisiana side of Cottonbloom with Tally Fournette, wading in the river, peeling oranges and catching frogs. When illness stole his mother, Nash yearned to take Tally and run away—for good. Instead, he crossed the state line to live with his aunt. It was a short distance as the crow flies, but it swept him into a whole new world…

After Nash left, Tally managed to struggle through her own losses without him. But now that she’s crossed paths with him again—at Cottonbloom College, where the grown-up, gorgeous Nash teaches history—she is reminded of their cherished youthful connection…and an attraction that has only gotten stronger with age. Between Tally’s possessive ex and Nash’s snobbish aunt, no one thinks they belong together. In a town torn apart by old resentments and rivalries, can they find their way back to the life they once shared—and turn their long-lost dreams into a real and lasting love?

My Review

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Nash and Tally were the best of friends when they were younger. They spent all of their free time together exploring the river, fishing and being kids. When Nash's mother passed away he had to move in with his Grandma. That meant crossing state lines and living in Mississippi. It wasn't far, but it may as well have been on the other side of the country. The two of them learn to live without the other and they go on with their lives. But now Nash is back and he is all grown up. And Tally has definitely noticed. 

I adored Nash. He was smart, sexy, a little nerdy and so adorably awkward when he and Tally first reconnected. I just wanted to reach into the book and give him a big hug. And he was so unaware of how attractive he was, which of course made him even more attractive. 
“I do get ridiculously excited about Star Wars.”
“Really? I pictured you as more of an Indiana Jones fan.”
“Why’s that?”
She raised her eyebrows and harrumphed. “Knights Templar, Holy Grail. I can only imagine what percentage of your classes are female.”
“Professor Jones was an archaeologist.” He took another sip of his Scotch and shook his head. Now that she mentioned it, a good eighty percent of the classes he’d taught as an associate professor at Edinburgh had been female. He stilled. Was she insinuating women signed up for his classes because they might find him attractive? Did she find him attractive? Embarrassment followed by a wave of longing incinerated his insides and triggered another spate of coughing.
Her eyes flared before she burst into laughter. This was the laugh he remembered, and he tumbled back twenty years. 
“Ohmigod, you don’t even realize, do you?”
“Realize what?”
“Better if you don’t know.” She grinned.
Her cheeks were flushed, and dark hair that had escaped her braid wisped around her face. Unlike most of the women in the bar, she wasn’t wearing a skirt or heels. Her simple blue T-shirt emphasized lean curves, and her dark-wash jeans were tucked into a pair of black motorcycle boots. Smudged black eyeliner emphasized the only thing about her that was soft. In her laughter, her intense green eyes shed their wariness and turned warm and welcoming.
He smiled back and propped his chin up on his hand, leaning in closer. “I can assure you I am stodgy and boring.”
“Really?” Her voice dripped sarcasm, but she mimicked his stance, so they were only a few inches apart, their elbows nearly touching on the bar. “What do you do for fun?”
“I like to explore creepy, cobwebby catacombs full of dead people.”
Her smile faltered. “Are you serious?”
“I’m pretty sure Cottonbloom is fresh out of dead-body-stuffed catacombs. How are you keeping yourself entertained? Are you dating anyone?”
“Nope. How about you?”

But unfortunately, being a grown up means having to deal with the consequences of your actions and the demons of your past. And because life loves to throw lots of curve balls, they find themselves dealing with the same consequence/demon. And add on to that that Tally feels like Nash deserves someone who is better than here (i.e. perhaps one of his smarty pants colleagues) and their path to happily ever is a bit rockier than you want for this adorable couple. 

This book was the cutest. I loved how Nash & Tally got to know each other as adults. They had plenty of wonderful childhood memories, but now they are much older and wiser. And hotter. And can make lots of grown up memories. I just LOVED them. And who wouldn't? Their story is why romance books exist!

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