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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Staying On Course by Ahren Sanders


Adored. Cherished. Worshiped.

Bryce Randolph accomplished the impossible when he stormed back into my life. He repaired my shattered heart and promised to love me forever. My dreams now include a future with the man I’ve loved since I was twelve years old. He owns my soul, and a life without each other is not an option.

Sometimes, though, even the strongest bonds are tested.

How much am I willing to give up for the love of my life?

Ambition. Passion. Commitment.

As we chase our dreams, distance separates us, threatening to shake our foundation. Jealousy and insecurities unravel my confidence, but Bryce’s devotion never falters. When we’re faced with tough choices regarding our life together, I’m forced to rely on his unwavering strength.

Can we both have it all?

Then the unthinkable happens. Now, it’s my turn to fight for our happily ever after. Are we falling apart after finding our way, or are we…Staying on Course?

My Review

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

First things first. Before you read Staying on Course, you really should read the novella, Finding Our Way. This is where we get the history of Bryce and Devon's relationship and it is well worth the read!

When Devon is fifteen and Bryce is eighteen, Devon confessed her feelings and kissed him. While he didn't come right out and say that he also had feelings for her, he did say that he hoped she still felt that way when she turned eighteen. Sounds promising, right? Fast forward to that day and everything changes. And not in a good way. Devon is left heartbroken and all of her happy plans get thrown out the window. Fast forward ANOTHER year and a half and Devon gets another surprise. Although this time, it's a good one. A VERY good one. Bryce is back and will do anything to make things right with Devon. And did he ever!  He really does a wonderful job of not only repairing Devon's shattered heart, but also making sure that it becomes his and only his. It was all very swoon-worthy and Bryce is definitely book boyfriend material. Add him to the list!!

Staying on Course picks up right where Finding Our Way leaves off. Devon and Bryce are together, doing their best to make their relationship work and are quite happy. They are both thriving academically and in a great place romantically. And when I say "great place" I actually mean that these two are off the charts hot and and I needed a couple cold showers to get through this book. Haha.

I don't want to lead you astray and let you think that everything was all rainbows and adorable puppies the whole time because it wasn't like that at all. Yes, there was a lot of wonderful, happy moments, but I'm pretty Bryce walked around with a sign on his back that said "Crazy people apply here and cause drama in my life." Because OH. MY. GOD. I won't go into any details, but let's just say that I wanted to go into the book and do a little ass kicking.

At one point during the story things are not going very well. Bryce has been injured and Devon is of course at his side. She gives a little speech that basically sums up their relationship and had me slightly weepy (okay, very weepy):

“From the very day you walked through my kitchen door with Nate, I’ve loved you. Growing up, all my dreams centered on you loving me back. The moment our lips touched when I was fifteen years old, I was ruined for anyone else. Even through the time when I cut you out of my life, my heart still beat for you. Moving on was never an option. I know that now.

Thank you for not taking no for an answer and giving me the fairytale every girl dreams of. Your love and support are my lifelines, and without them, I’d be nothing. That may sound pathetic, but now that I’ve experienced the depth of your devotion, there’s no going back. I can only hope that you feel the same passion and adoration from me.
My life is intertwined with yours, and I can’t fully breathe without you. All that matters is that we are together. I’d do anything in the world to see your beautiful blue eyes stare into mine right now. Physically and mentally, my heart craves your touch and the sound of your voice.

Bryce Randolph, you’re the bravest, strongest, and most loving man I’ve ever known, and I’ll be honored to be your wife. Please wake up and marry me.”
**Sigh** True love, my friends. True love. 

I loved this book. Devon's brother (and Bryce's best friend) Nate and her best friend Quinn had me in stitches pretty much every time they opened their mouths and I loved that even they got their secondary love stories. We actually get quite a lot of information about Quinn's relationship, but not sure much about Nate's. So I have a request...Ahren, can you please write Nate's story? I LOVED Jamie and I want to know more about how they met. Pretty please?!?!?!

I read both of these books over a few days and the whole time I really felt like I was going through everything right along with Bryce and Devon. If they felt an emotion, I felt that emotion. So yeah, I was exhausted by the end. I can't even begin to tell you how much Devon and Bryce go through in their relationship. They are separated for long periods of time and there are outside forces trying to keep them apart. There were moments that they struggled to keep things together and they had me quite worried, but if you were to look up the phrase "true love" in the dictionary it would have Devon and Bryce's relationship as the definition. Okay, maybe not, but it should. 


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Ahren spent her formative years living in an active volcano. There her family made collectible lava art. She studied rock collecting at the Sorbonne in France. There she met the love of her life-her pet pig Sybil. She returned to the states and started writing. She is happily married to a guy who used to live under a bridge and she met while pole-dancing. They have one amazing daughter.

Now, meet the real me. I grew up in the south and consider myself a true “Southerner”. Most of the special locations mentioned in my books are reflections of my favorite places. Living on the Florida coast, my family spends a lot time at the beach which is where I usually can be found with a book in my hand. I started writing my Surrender Series, in the spring of 2013 and have received incredible support from the Indie community. Throughout this year, I have been privileged to meet some amazing people that I am thankful to have in my life.

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