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BLOG TOUR, 5 STAR REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Built to Last by Elisabeth Grace

At seventeen, the small town of Saltwater Springs had been everything to Scarlett Devereaux—as had her boyfriend Luke. Never had she imagined she’d have to leave them both behind—until the night that changed everything. A decade after skipping town Scarlett returns to start over in the only place that ever really felt like home. But when nothing goes as planned, she’s forced to turn to Luke for help. 

With a drunk for a dad and a mom making pocket change at the local diner, no one ever thought Luke Garrity would amount to anything. After building a successful contracting business he’s proven everyone wrong professionally, but things in his personal life are upside down. Making it the exact wrong time for Scarlett to return to Saltwater Springs. 

With a history of devastation and heartbreak between them can Scarlett and Luke make amends, or will secrets from the past threaten the foundation of Scarlett’s new life? Were Luke and Scarlett really built to last?

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My Review

People who were/are able to buy this book as a whole story are lucky. I read this through Elisabeth's newsletter, so it took ten months to get all of Luke and Scarlett's story. TEN. MONTHS. I fell in love with them pretty much instantly, so it was a long ten months. 

Scarlett and Luke were very much in love when they were younger. They even went as far as to talk about their future, but then tragedy struck and Scarlett left town. Now it is years later and Scarlett has returned to open a bakery. After losing most of her money thanks to a bogus contractor, Scarlett is in desperate need of help and turns out Luke is the one to give her that help. At first things are quite strained between them, but it doesn't take long for the two of them to become close again. Luke never did find out why she left, so once they start to rekindle their romance we find out that Scarlett in holding on to a big secret. The result of that is her holding back just a little because she knows that she can't give Luke everything they used to dream about.

It was very obvious that despite their time apart, Scarlett and Luke still loved each other. There were moments in the book where the two of them would reminisce about the past and I liked those moments the most. We were give glimpses into their young love and when Luke helped Scarlett relive some of those moments they used to have, it made me love him even more.
"Open your eyes, Lettie." Slowly, she opened one, then the other, squinting against the sunlight, which hurt her eyes after having been in darkness for so long. When her vision grew accustomed, she took in her surroundings and sucked in a sharp breath.
Luke had brought her to their spot by the riverbank. Back when she was in high school, they used to come here all the time—they'd hang out, drink beer, fish, and sometimes even make love in the grass beside the water. Back then, neither of them had had the luxury of having their own place, so some of their best and most intimate moments happened right in this spot.
"I can't believe you remembered how to get here," she said softly.
Luke had stumbled upon the spot when they first started dating and had taken great pride in showing it to her for the first time. The river was pretty shallow but still wide at this point, with tall trees looming over the opposite side of the bank. The side they were on had a small clearing where Luke had pulled his truck up beside the water. It was the perfect vantage point to watch the river bend in the distance and disappear.
"I'd never forget how to find this place." He paused for a moment, his expression growing serious. "I came here a lot after you left."
"Right. What was I thinking?" Scarlett chewed on her bottom lip. Of course. She'd been stupid to assume that he wouldn't have ever brought anyone else here after she left.
Luke must’ve been able to tell what she was thinking. "Not like that. I’ve never brought anyone else here. I would never do that." He gazed down at her intently, the blue in his eyes deepening.
"Why did you come here then?" she asked around the lump in her throat.
Luke brought his hand up to rest on her cheek and brushed his thumb slowly back and forth. "Because it helped me to feel closer to you when you were no longer in my life."
Tears sprang to her eyes because Scarlett knew the feeling well. While she'd been living in Boston, she would often pull out old letters that Luke had written her or listen to songs the two of them used to enjoy for the same reason.
"I don't know what to say," she whispered.
"You don't have to say anything, Lettie. I'm just happy to be back here with you again …and not just with the memories of you."
**Sigh** I love Luke. He's just so darn sweet.

If you love a good second chance romance, this is a must read. Especially if you are fan or Elisabeth's work. Or if you have never read one of her books, this is a great one to start with!

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