Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 Star Review: Unsung (Country Roads #5) by Shannon Richard


Harper Laurence has been jilted on her way to the altar. Desperate for some time away from her friends and family, Harper takes off for Nashville-only to meet a hot, scruffy, tattooed stranger. A man she liked a little too much, and who left her the teeniest bit . . . well, pregnant.

Liam James is an up-and-coming country musician, who just found his muse. Ever since their weekend together, Liam hasn't been able to forget the curvy, vivacious woman who left him wanting more, even as she inspired some of the greatest songs he's ever written. He's determined to convince Harper that he's the guy for her . . . and that the best love songs can never be unsung.

My Review

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

It is the weekend that Harper was supposed to get married. But her fiance has left her and her wedding dress has been sold on eBay. Instead of hanging around and wallowing in self pity, she takes a trip to Nashville. While she is there, she meets Liam. He buys her a drink and one thing leads to another and the two of them end up spending the night together. Harper tries to sneak away the next day, but Liam catches her and manages to talk Harper into basically spending the whole weekend with him. At the end of the weekend Harper does manage to sneak away, leaving Liam with no way of getting in touch with her. When Harper ends up pregnant, she is not sure what to do. She does have a way to get in touch with Liam, but before she has a chance to call him or actually take a trip to see him, fate intervenes and they are together once again.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of these two is "perfect." These two were perfect together. Yes, they had an amazing weekend that was full of a lot of mind blowing sex, but they also connected on deeper level. From the moment they met they were extremely comfortable with each other and by the end of the weekend they both experienced feelings that neither of them expected to feel. And those feelings just grew the more they got to know each other. 
He spotted her the second he rounded the corner to the exit. She was standing on the other side of security wearing a knee-length green dress that clung to her breasts but hung loose at her waist. Slight waves were in the black curtain of hair that hung around both of her shoulders.
She was pacing, back and forth between the wall and the set of chairs in the middle of the space. He was about twenty feet away when she turned to make her way back to the wall and looked up. Her gaze landed on him, those violet eyes of hers widened and she froze. Well, for the most part, she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth as she took a deep breath, her shoulders rising and falling.
When he was about three feet away her lip fell from her teeth. “Hi,” she whispered just a little bit nervous herself it seemed.
“Hey.” He closed the gap, setting his guitar case on the ground before he reached for her. His arms wrapped around her body, pulling her in close.
Harper came willingly, her arms sliding around his waist as she pressed her face into his neck. They both relaxed in unison, all of the tension and stress melting away with one simple hug. But really there was nothing simple about it. Nothing simple about anything that involved him and her.
Liam didn’t realize it until that moment—until the moment he was able to press his nose to her hair and inhale that sweet honey scent that drove him out of his mind—but it was like he’d been holding his breath since the last time he’d seen her. And the relief of having her in his arms again was almost knee weakening.
“You’re here,” she whispered against his neck, her breath hitting his skin on each syllable.
“I’m here.” His mouth was now at her temple and he couldn’t stop himself from pressing his lips to the spot.
Harper turned her head, and before either of them could say or do anything else, their mouths found the other’s. His hand moved up, his fingers spearing in her hair as he tilted his head and deepened the kiss.
After a minute—or two—Liam forced himself to pull back. He cradled her jaw in his hand, running his thumb back and forth across her cheek as he looked down into her eyes.
“I could stand in this airport and kiss you until the end of time.” A soft laugh escaped her mouth, and he couldn’t stop himself from leaning forward and capturing it with his lips in another lingering kiss. “But we probably shouldn’t be late.”
“No, we shouldn’t. You have people to meet.”
“Very important people. I’ve been preparing myself all day on winning your mother over with all of my charm.”
“Is that so?” One of her eyebrows rose high as she gave him a sideways smirk.
And charm her, he did. He pretty much charmed everyone he met and I don't blame them. I highlighted so many of the things Liam said because the man was like a walking Hallmark card, which makes sense because he is a songwriter. And not only is Liam super famous, but he was also extremely down to earth, kind, loving, romantic and willing to do anything to make things work with Harper. But she definitely doesn't make things easy. Being dumped by her fiance has made her a bit skittish and despite the feelings she has for Liam and the fact that she is carrying his baby, Harper has a hard time putting herself all in. 

I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. While the book made me swoon all over the place, it also made me LOL at times. (Bad pickup lines anyone?) I was actually kind of sad when I finished this book.because I enjoyed their journey so much, I just wanted to keep reading it. While it is the 5th in a series, you can read it without getting lost. If you love a good love story, this book is for you. 

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