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RELEASE BLITZ, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Game On (Players #1) by Katie McCoy

Title: Game On
Author: Katie McCoy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 21, 2015

Rule of reporting 101-- don't bang your subject.

Sophie Hall has just gotten the opportunity of a lifetime--to profile Nathan Ryder, the hottest baseball player since A-Rod, for her first solo assignment as a reporter. Rumor has it Nathan is going to be drafted to the Major league, and yet he still fits an intense training regime around volunteering at a animal shelter. He's a prodigy with a heart of gold, as American as apple pie and has an ass that deserves a trophy all its own. He may be the country's heartthrob, but Sophie isn't going to fall for that. She just has to remain objective and cover the story.

But she didn't bet on Nathan's gorgeous green eyes or the way his arms flex with muscle when he's holding a bat. And she certainly didn't think he'd be witty and smart and caring. Nathan is completely untouchable, but she can't help it if those lingering gazes turn into something more. How could she not fall at the thought of the hottest guy she's ever met devoting his limited free time to saving puppies?

When Sophie's scoop turns into Nathan's scandal, Nathan needs her more than ever. With both of their careers on the line will they strike out - or hit a home run?

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My Review

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Nathan is a rare breed. He's smart. Sexy. Funny. Down to earth. He's also college baseball player with fantastic prospects. He will enter the draft when the season is over and while he will welcome the fame and fortune that comes with all of that, he doesn't necessarily feel that he deserves it. Especially all the media attention. 

So when Sophie shows up to interview Nathan, she has a problem. He's standoffish and wants nothing to do with her. But Sophie is determined to write the article and prove to her chauvinistic coworkers that she belongs in her job despite never getting a college degree. Sophie befriends Mandy, the team photographer, who also happens to be friends with Nathan. She gives her some insight on how to get Nathan to open up and along the way the two of them become friends. The friendship and encouragement from Mandy was just what Sophie needed to keep her head in the game. 

It doesn't take Nathan long to realize that he misjudged Sophie and while he doesn't give her the story she wants, the two of them form a friendship. They get a good rapport going and at times it's actually quite  sweet. They quote Titanic at each other and Sophie even goes to one of his classes with him: 
“What?” I asked, feeling very exposed in front of him. 
“You’re just not what I expected,”he said. “When they told me a journalist from the Register was coming to do an article on me, well, I guess I just thought you would be different.” 
“Sorry to disappoint,” I retorted, my hackles rising. I might not have been what he had expected, but I was a damn good journalist and I was going to write a damn good story on him with or without his approval. 
“I didn’t say that,” he said as we reached the lecture hall. He sighed. “Look, I know you’re just trying to do your job and all, I just don’t see the point of all this.” 
“I’m here to help you,” I assured him, not really understanding how someone could be on the verge of becoming such a huge star and be so reluctant to talk about himself. “There’s a good chance you’ll be a public figure soon and people will want to get to know you. I want them to see your best side.” 
“And sitting in on my poetry class is going to help show that?” 
“It depends,” I teased. “Are you going to be reciting poetry in there?” 
He leaned forward, that wonderful smell of grass invading my senses and for a moment I thought he might kiss me. But instead, he spoke, in a voice that was almost a whisper: 
“I will touch you with my mind. Touch you and touch and touch. Until you give.” 
My mouth dropped open and placing a finger beneath my chin, Nathan gently closed it. 
“e.e. cummings,” he said, turning to open the door to the lecture hall. “You coming?”he asked, the question equally naughty and innocent, and without a word, I followed him in.
HE. TAKES. POETRY. Good lord. Just when I thought he couldn't get any better. It's also obvious that Nathan and Sophie are attracted to each other, but Sophie doesn't want that attraction to get in the way of writing the story. She held out much longer than most people would, but eventually she gives in. These two are HOT and they definitely steamed up my e-reader. 

Just when things seem to be going Sophie's way, her disgusting, female hating coworker shows up to take over the story. He basically makes her his assistant and when he discovers that Nathan does have a small skeleton in his closet, he is determined to write a story that will tarnish Nathan's reputation. 

I was so proud of Sophie with the way she handled the situation. Sure, she got knocked down and lost the boy (temporarily), but she did the right thing. She's a tough woman and I knew that the whole situation would just make her stronger. And I admit that I did a little fist pump celebration when her coworker got his comeuppance. Jerk. 

I love epilogues and this book had a great one. We get a little glimpse into Sophie and Nathan's life six months down the road and it is absolutely lovely. 

I really enjoyed this book. There is a really adorable subplot involving Nathan's best friend, Chris, and Mandy. It's one of those "they like each other but don't have enough courage to tell the other person how they feel" stories and I loved it. I loved how shy they were around each was the cutest. I would actually love for them the get their own book...maybe just a novella? Get their story from their POV? What do you say Katie McCoy?

Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical. A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn't writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.


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