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5 Star Review: Fusion (Explosive #5) by Tessa Teevan

Where do babies come from?

The question every parent dreads hearing has finally fallen from the lips of six year old Ava Banks, the curious, precocious little girl that you fell in love with in Ignite.

Jeremy and Sierra, normally blunt as can be, struggle to find the right words to answer her. So instead, they rewind sixteen years to that one fateful day where a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven inevitably led to life-long romance filled with laughter, love, and many, many mishaps along the way.

Falling in love with your best friend? It's the most incredible thing in the world. But when a love comes so easily, will it truly be able to last? When the world comes crashing down around you, can even the strongest relationship withstand great tragedy?

Stay tuned for lots of laughs, teenage awkwardness, a few tears, and most of all, mullets. Because what good love story doesn't do business in the front, and party in the back?

**While Fusion is a standalone romance, it’s best read after Ignite.**

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My Review

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Screw Disney. Tessa just gave me the fairytale I wish I had growing up. I loved this book so much. I couldn't put it down and I didn't want it to end. It's just the ultimate love story.

Jeremy and Sierra meet when they are 8 years old. She moves in next door and they meet on the beach. From that moment on, the two of them are inseparable. They're bestest of best friends. Over the years that friendship turns into something more, but they are both afraid to do anything about it. They mean to much to each other and are worried that turning their platonic relationship into a romantic one, will cause problems. (I gotta tell ya...that KILLED me. I was just like "OMG!! KISS ALREADY!!!") When they finally take the plunge, them becoming a couple is the most natural thing in the world and watching their love grow and flourish over the years was so wonderful to watch. 

There were so many amazing moments in this book. Jeremy and Sierra grow up in the 90s, so there are A LOT of awesome 90s references (Joey & Pacey 4-Evah!!!) that made me so happy. I can't mention all the great moments because this review would be the longest thing ever and I would basically just be copying the book, but I will say this: I am a fan of "firsts." The first time the H/h see each other. The first time they say "I love you." And of course, the first kiss: 
“I’ve never actually kissed a boy before,” I admitted as my heart hammered in my chest. 
His breath tickled my lips as he exhaled a curse. Clearly, he was surprised at my admission. “Neither have I,” he responded, leaning in and closing the distance between us.
I’d like to say our mouths met with a fiery passion that had sparks flying all around us. That the air was electrified and swirling, locking us in a tornadic fury of lust and love.
But the truth is, when his lips met mine, I was laughing at his words, which caused our foreheads to bump together. Instead of slow, sweet, and achingly perfect, his lips kind of mashed against mine, drowning out my laughter. My body went rigid at the contact, and we just stood there, stock-still. The force of his kiss pressed my lips into my teeth, but I couldn’t move. Our eyes were locked in place, and while his kiss might not have been magical, the affectionate look in his eyes certainly was.
My palms turned sweaty. Those butterflies once again took flight. My knees went weaker than ever.
It might not have been Hollywood perfect, but Jeremy’s lips were fused to mine, and at that moment, I knew that nothing would ever come between us again.
So, Hollywood perfect? No.
But who needs Hollywood? It was Sierra Sullivan perfect, and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.
Then, slowly, he gently pulled back until his lips were only a whisper on mine. A sudden surge of confidence burst within me, and as my eyes fluttered closed, I ran my hands up his chest and fisted his shirt. Then I leaned forward and kissed him back.
His arms wrapped around my waist as he drew me in close. I felt so small in his embrace, melting into his warmth and never wanting to leave it. He didn’t deepen the kiss. In fact, he gave me the reins. So I did exactly what I’d always wanted. I tasted him.
His lips were soft and sweet, with remnants of vanilla from the Pepsi he’d been drinking. A soft moan bubbled up from within me, causing my cheeks to heat with embarrassment. No. That wasn’t embarrassment. That was arousal.
“Jeremy,” left my lips in a whisper as I pulled back from him.
My eyes fluttered open to find him gazing down at me. His eyes were dancing with delight, which caused my heart to smile.
“Sierra,” he replied.
We both released simultaneous sighs and beamed at each other.
I’d thought our relationship had shifted earlier. But that moment in the living room had nothing on this one.
Who would’ve thought that kissing my best friend would have felt so right?
And who would’ve thought that I couldn’t wait to do it again?
**Sigh** So cute.  

The thing I liked most about this book is that fairytale romance was not perfect. Jeremy and Sierra go through some tough stuff, but through it all they have each other. All the stumbling blocks they faced only made them a stronger couple. Tessa made this book feel very real and I believed everything that happened. I read a lot of books and as much as I love a book, sometimes I feel that the storyline is a bit unbelievable. But not this book. 

Ava. That kid is hilarious. I love when authors write adorable children and Ava may be one of the funniest (child) characters I have ever read. You know the saying "Kids say the darndest things"? Ava is basically the definition of that. I laughed out loud multiple time while reading this book and I actually found myself anticipating the next time she would appear. I especially loved the relationship between Ava and Jeremy. Those two are just two adorable peas in a pod.

This book is a must read, especially if you are a fan of this series. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will want to go back and reread the previous books. In this book you get a different look at Alexa and Jace's story and now will want to go back and reread Ignite. I know I did.  

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