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Series Spotlight: The Wedding Dare Series

I love a good book series.  And when I can get a hold of a series written by some of my favorite authors, I am ALL IN!

The first book, Dare to Resist, is a novella that sets us up for the rest of the series. There is going to be a wedding and lots of sexy shenanigans will be had. Each book is written by a different author and is about a different bridesmaid/groomsman. These books are happening simultaneously so you get to see the same event from different angles. I loved that aspect of it because when I read a book I often wonder about the different POVs. 

Since each book is about a different couple, each book has it's own personality. Every book has it's own story. Whether it's a second chance romance, Alpha male taking charge, opposites attract or one of those "I was just supposed help her come out of her shell, but I fell in love with her instead" story lines, I loved every single one of these books. It's a great series and one that I will definitely reread. 

If you're still not sure here is a little excerpt from Tessa Bailey's Baiting the Maid of Honor to whet your appetite: 
“Need some help?” The gruff question escaped him before he could stop it, but he was rewarded for asking when she shivered, goose bumps becoming visible along her neck and shoulders. He had to curl his hands into fists to keep from touching her skin. It would be soft. He didn’t need a hands-on experiment to determine that, but he goddamn wanted one. Turn around and roll your eyes at me. Let’s get this over with. 
“Help with what?” The sound of wind whispering through the trees nearly swallowed her husky question. “My hair?"
Damn. It hadn’t been his imagination. If she hadn’t turned tail and traipsed her way back inside by now, this instant attraction didn’t end with him. Was it possible a hot-to-trot sex kitten existed under that silk-and-pearls ensemble? Only one way to find out. Settling his hands on either side of her, he brought his body within inches of hers. “I don’t do hair, pixie,” he rasped against her ear. “Unless you’d like it pulled.” 
Her indrawn breath sent lust curling in his gut. His cock strained against the front of his dress pants and he wanted more than anything to press her into the railing with his hips. Maybe even pick her up with an arm around her waist and give her a hot little dry run through their clothes. Entice her into the real thing. 
Ever so slightly, possibly out of curiosity, she let her back connect with his chest. With difficulty, he managed to stand perfectly still, watching over her shoulder as her breasts rose and fell, that supple flesh swelling over the top of her dress. When she spoke, her voice stoked the fire inside of him, blistering his insides. “Now, why would I want that?”“If you have to ask, you need it worse than you think.”
Hoping like hell the move wouldn’t send her screaming, kind of wishing it would, Reed let his fingertips make contact with the top of her back. Still, she didn’t turn around or say a damn word to stop him. He couldn’t believe it. Not her acceptance of his touch, not the incredible softness he encountered. Who felt like this? Heat rushing through his veins, he very slowly trailed his fingers up her neck and let them tangle in her hair. As he’d seen her do earlier, he massaged her scalp, growling low in his throat when she loosened her neck and let his hand support her head fully. Giving him control. This time, she didn’t moan. She panted.
“You’d best stop me now, unless you want to find out what you need.”
Phew! I need to step outside and cool off!!

Keep reading to find a a sexy teaser, synopsis, and Amazon buy link for each book. GO 1-CLICK THOSE BITCHES!!

Dare to Resist (Wedding Dare 0.5)

Trapped and tempted, this battle of wills rages all night long…

Kady Dresco and Colton Brooks click on a level that defies logic. There are only two problems. One, he’s her older brother’s irritating best friend, and two, they're bidding on the same military security services contract.

When the competition heats up, Colton is torn between wanting to strangle Kady (and her annoying brilliance) and kissing her into submission. Which is a bad idea for a million reasons, because Kady’s submission is exactly what he craves. Being trapped in a tiny motel room with the object of his darkest fantasies will require every ounce of his restraint.

Kady doesn’t want his restraint, but Colton knows better. She deserves love, marriage, and a white picket fence—three things Colton can’t give her. But her proximity and the memory of their steamy near-miss three years ago slowly destroys his resolve. And he’s not sure how much longer he can keep his hands off…or his heart closed.

Amazon buy link:

Falling for the Groomsman (Wedding Dare #1)

She’s the one that got away. He’s the one she can’t forget.

Photojournalist Christine Forsythe is ready to tackle her naughty little to-do list, and who better to tap for the job than a hot groomsman? But when she crashes into her best friend’s older brother, Christine realizes her list needs updating. And fast. Tyler Dresco took her virginity during the best night of her life, then bolted. Now that they’re trapped together at a destination wedding, she’s going to get her revenge.

Tyler has never forgiven himself for how completely he lost control all those years ago. Being in Christine’s arms had felt right…until he realized what he’d taken from her in the hallway of a cheap motel. And oh, how she’s making him pay for it now. The insatiable heat between them has only grown stronger, but every time things heat up, Christine walks away.

With every encounter, things go a little bit further until Christine’s caught in her own trap of seduction. And before their time’s up, Tyler’s not the only one wanting more…

Amazon buy link:

Baiting the Maid of Honor (Wedding Dare #2)

He’ll own her from the very first touch.

Julie Piper and Reed Lawson have nothing in common. She’s a people-pleasing sorority girl hiding behind her perfect mask. He’s a take-no-prisoners SWAT commander who isolates himself from the world. But when they’re forced together at their friends’ posh destination wedding, one thing is clear—Reed wants Julie more than he wants his next breath. Which is why he’s not about to stand by when she’s dared to seduce another man.

Julie wants neat, tidy sex, so she could get back to what she does best—making everybody else happy. She never expected to slip into a dark bedroom and have her mind blown by rough, demanding hands, and a sinfully filthy mouth—neither of which belong to the best man.

One night should have been all Reed needed to get the blond temptress out of his system, but when one taste is nowhere near enough, he’ll be forced confront the effects of his hellish past. One that may push Julie away forever... just when he realizes he can't live without her.

Amazon buy link:

Seducing the Bridesmaid (Wedding Dare #3)

She has a plan. He’s about to change it.

Regan Wakefield is a headhunter in both name and personality: driven, motivated, and unafraid to pursue what—and who—she wants. Naturally, she’s thrilled when her friend's wedding offers her an opportunity to score Logan McCade, the practically perfect best man. Unfortunately, groomsman Brock McNeil keeps getting in her way, riling her up in the most delicious of ways. But Brock’s smooth southern charm isn't part of the how exactly did they end up having searing-hot sex?

Regan may pretend the erotic electricity sparking between them is merely a distraction, but Brock knows better. She refuses to see beyond the devil-may-care façade he presents to the world, while he sees straight throughhers. Changing her mind—and getting under her skin—is a challenge he can’t resist. And when he wins, Brock will do whatever it takes to convince Regan that the best man for her is him.

Amazon buy link:

Best Man with Benefits (Wedding Dare #4)

How far can one favor go…

Logan McCade arrives at his best friend’s wedding overworked and in desperate need of a vacation, only to discover his best man duties have been…expanded. He must coax Colton’s sister out of her shell, or risk her hiding in her room all week. Logan figures he can handle one introverted bridesmaid, but he’s not expecting how much he enjoys “handling” Sophie…or how much she enjoys being handled.

Socializing has never been web designer Sophie Brooks’s strong suit, but she’s determined to shed her wallflower image and embrace the “New Sophie”—a feat made easier with the supremely sexy Logan McCade tempting her to explore all her forbidden fantasies. If she’s not careful, she just might fall for the best man.

Sophie’s sweet, sexy, and delectably awkward demeanor brings much-needed calm to Logan’s hectic life. With the nuptials only days away, Logan is forced to face the possibility that his favor to a friend might have become something else entirely…and that he’s not willing to let Sophie go. Ever.

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