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5 Star Review: Collateral Damage (Limelight #3) by Elisabeth Grace


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Hollywood It Girl, Francesca Leon, has just landed the biggest role of her career…one that could clinch an Oscar nomination and open doors. If she’s going to move her career to the next level and work with top directors, she has to nail this part — and keep her sexy, but unreliable leading man from screwing everything up.

Team Calder
Bad boy Calder Fox is the son of Hollywood royalty and fresh out of rehab after his best friend’s death sent him on a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol. While his fans still love him and the paparazzi stalk him, he’s never taken life, or anything about his career, seriously. He may be charming and drop-dead gorgeous, but if he doesn’t stay sober, he could ruin Frankie’s future and expose her long-hidden family secret to the voracious media.

Behind the scenes
Things heat up during filming and have the potential to become hotter, deeper, and much more real. But can Frankie trust Calder with her secret? Or is he doomed to sabotage his own happiness yet again?

My Review

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

I recently did a spotlight on Elisabeth Graces's Indiscretion series, which you should read if you haven't yet: Series Spotlight: Indiscretion. And the ridiculously sexy man in that series, Max, made my book boyfriend list: Kimmy's Book Boyfriend List - Part 3. So yeah, I don't just like the author's books, I LOVE THEM. "Collateral Damage" is no exception. 

This book is not just a love story. It's a story about forgiveness, redemption and learning how to trust not only yourself, but other people. The entertainment industry is a fickle one and good people are hard to come by.

Calder Fox is trying to get back on track after an accident that not only takes away his best friend, but also his career. He is just out of rehab and looking for that one role to help propel him back to the top. Francesca Leon is an up and coming actress that has finally booked what could be her breakout role. When Frankie's costar has to back out of the film, Calder is given the role. She is wary of his commitment to the movie and is basically waiting for him to screw up. Just out of rehab and still battling a lot of demons, Calder is walking a thin line of trying to stay sober while giving all he can to prove that he is a changed man.  

Luckily for Frankie, her initial assumptions about Calder are totally wrong and what starts as a purely professional relationship turns into an absolutely beautiful one. Frankie starts to learn about the real Calder Fox and discovers that there is A LOT more to him than what is put in the papers. They form a wonderful friendship that blossoms into so much more. She is there for him when he struggles to stay on the straight and narrow and Calder acts as a support system when he discovers that Frankie is carrying around a secret that only a few people know about.  

I will admit that just like Frankie, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. There were a few moments when Calder faced temptation and it would have been very easy for him to give into his urges, but he is able to resist. Luckily for him, he does have a great support system that wants him to succeed just as much as he does. Not to mention that he gets involved with Frankie at at time when he probably shouldn't have, but it turns out she is the best thing for him. They are actually the best thing for each other. 

Towards the end of the book something great happens and Calder gives this lovely speech:
"In all seriousness, I want to talk directly to anyone out there who finds themselves lost and without hope. What I know is this—if I can come back from the brink of almost destroying myself, so can you. Forgiveness is a gift you have to give yourself and that validation comes from within. That’s the most important lesson I’ve learned through all of this. You’ve got to forgive yourself in order to move forward. Everyone deserves a second chance to start anew. We think it’s everyone else in our lives that harbor ill will toward us, and perhaps in some cases that’s true. But often the self-hatred comes from within and we just need to let it go in order to see clearly. You’re worth it. It does get better. So don’t stop trying until you find your second chance.”
See. I told you that this wasn't just a love story. Now do yourself a favor and click on that link below. 

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