Tuesday, January 30, 2018

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Awkward. by Lily Kate

Title: Awkward.
Author: Lily Kate
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 30, 2018



I know how things look from the outside. I’m rich. I’m a successful surgeon. I’m handsome. I should have women lining up from here to New Jersey clawing for space in my bed, but there’s one huge catch.

I’m f*cking awkward.

Every time I get a date, I spoil it. Asked if she’s pregnant? Check. Forgot her name? Check. Bought a meat lover’s pizza for my vegan girlfriend? Check, check, check.

This is why my best friend, romance fanatic Allie Jenkins, has declared that she’s swooping in to save the day. She’s prepared a list of required reading straight from The Ripped Bodice, and I’m supposed to take notes, learn from the best, and put that shit into action. After all, practice makes perfect, right? 


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My Review

I received an advanced copy of this book with the promise of an honest review. 

I love a good friends to lovers story, and even though I had never read a Lily Kate book, the synopsis caught my eye. And I love the idea of an awkward guy. I feel like so many books are about the awkward girl trying to overcome her awkwardness. And then throw in the fact that Jack is a successful surgeon (aka he's SUPER SMART) and I was so intrigued.

The book opens during one of Jack’s many failed dates. We quickly learn that this is the norm for him, so he asks Allie to help him. Jack and Allie have known each other for basically their whole life and are as close as two people can be without getting physical. So it just makes sense that Allie be the one to help him get into dating shape. But the more Allie schools him, the more Jack realizes that he doesn’t want to date. Well, he does want to date, but he wants to date Allie. And convincing her of that is where the real fun begins.But Allie isn’t the only person who thinks that that the two of them dating is a bad idea. Jack’s mother is hell bent on setting him up with the “perfect” woman and Allie is not a contender. And unfortunatley Allie agrees, which is where the problem lies.

I enjoyed Jack and Allie’s friendship, but I loved them as a couple. While it was a bit awkward at first, especially for Allie, Jack was determined to show her that they belonged together. He was so sweet and loving and I just kept waiting for the light bulb to go off above Allie's head. 

This story was super sweet and also extremely funny at times and I had a hard time putting the book down once I started reading. And as I mentioned earlier, this was my first Lily Kate book and I look forward to reading more of her books. 

Author Bio

USA TODAY bestselling author Lily Kate works a pretttttty boring day job and writes books filled with heat, heart, and humor by night. Her debut novel, Delivery Girl, landed instantly on the USA TODAY list, thanks to all of her fabulous readers! :) 

When she’s not writing books, you may find her watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving, eating whipped cream from the can, or hanging out with her family.

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