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5 Star Review: Call Me, Irresistible (Fate, Texas #2) by Jess Bryant

Impulsive. Irresponsible. Impossible.

Lemon Kelly lives in a world that is fast, loud and a little bit crazy. She left her small hometown for the bright lights of Nashville and has been living her dream ever since. She's traveled the world and plays her music for crowds of adoring fans. She has everything she ever wanted. Only the wants of a 17 year old girl vary greatly from the needs of a grown woman. Is it selfish to want something more, something like the love she writes songs about?

Can a girl have two dreams? Or will she have to give up one to get the other? And if so... which? Fame or a family of her own?

Stable. Solid. Safe.

Shane Lowry likes his quiet, controlled life. The always responsible small town deputy is a father to his three daughters first and foremost. Nothing comes before them. He had to grow up fast and early and he's long since stopped letting silly things like lust control his actions. He doesn't even date. So why does he find himself so drawn to the lively girl next door turned country music superstar that is the complete opposite of what he should want in a woman?

If he lets her in, she'll shake up his entire world. He knows it. But is that a good thing or a very bad thing?

The sparks between them are undeniable. The pull irresistible. And if they take a chance they just might find what they've both been missing.

***Call Me, Irresistible is a standalone, full length, contemporary romance novel set in Fate, Texas with a guaranteed HEA. It is intended for audiences 18+ due to language and sexual situations. If you enjoy the quirky characters in this little town, try other releases by Jess Bryant set in Fate such as the West Brothers Series.***

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My Review

I received an advanced copy of this book with the promise of an honest review. 

This book came along at the perfect time. Don't get me wrong, look forward to reading Jess' books, but after reading a string of books that made me cry a lot, this book was just what I needed. It was funny, lighthearted and just a freaking delight to read. And the banter! I LOVE banter. And if the banter is so good that it's essentially foreplay...EVEN BETTER. 

Case in point:
“Wow, was that three miles already?” She huffed slightly.
“That went fast right?” She put her hands on her hips as she slowed to a walk and he pulled up beside her, “Or is that just me?”
“No, it went fast. Barely felt like work.”
“I guess the secret is good company.” She smiled up at him and he barely resisted the urge to brush a loose strand of hair off her sweaty forehead.
Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were bright. She was breathing hard, causing her breasts to push against the spandex bra she was wearing. She licked her lips and he had to force his gaze away from her mouth.
Jesus, she was sweaty and panting and all he could think about was how she’d look the same way naked and in his bed after he satisfied the urge to drive into her sweet little body over and over and over again. There was something wrong with him. His libido hadn’t been this overwhelming since he was a horny, teenage boy that just figured out what his dick was for.
Shane forced himself to step back and put some more space between them, “I guess it is. That was fun.”
“It was fun. Thanks for inviting me.”
“Thanks for making it interesting.”
She grinned, “Want to do it again tomorrow?”
Tomorrow. Yes. He tried not to immediately nod his head like an overeager puppy. Yes. He’d told her that he ran every day before work. She could join him every morning while she was here. It would be hell on his dick and his showers would have to be cold afterwards but he’d get the pleasure of her company all to himself for a little while and he’d get to start his day on a high note.
“Sure.” He shrugged, “You’ll have to get up a little earlier if you plan to start with me. I do ten miles on Saturdays.”
“But it’s the weekend, shouldn’t you do less or something?” She whined, “Even God rested on the weekend right?”
“He rested on Sunday and so do I. On Saturday, I run ten. Are you in?”
“Yeah, sure fine.” She shrugged, “My trainer would love you, making me run on my vacation.”
“I’m not making you do anything. You don’t have to run with me. I only offered.”
“Like I’m gonna turn down all of that.” She motioned to his chest again, “Speaking of shirts, don’t wear one, like ever. You should never, ever, cover that chest.”
He laughed and stepped back again, “Go inside, Lemon. We’re done here.”
“Bossy bastard.”
“Incurable flirt.”
She grinned, “You stop flirting with me and I’ll stop flirting with you.”
She had him there and they both knew it. He couldn’t seem to help himself. It was just like with their arguments. It had always been the same way, even when they were kids. She volleyed and he had to serve it back. Vice versa, she always had a comeback for him. And it was fun.
“I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” He started walking backwards towards his house.
“See you, Shane.” She rolled a finger wave at him, “Have a good day at work.”
“Thanks. You have a good day…doing whatever it is you’re doing here.”
“Resting.” She shrugged, “I’m just taking a few days to rest.”
“Then rest, because we’re doing ten miles tomorrow.”
She giggled, “Bye Shane.”
“See you later, Lemon.” He grinned before forcing himself to turn and jog back to his house.
SEE!! Banter = foreplay. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Lemon and Shane have know each other for a long time. Growing up, her best friend was Shane's brother and she always had a bit of a crush on him. But she left town to follow her dreams of being a country music star and Shane married his high school sweetheart. But now Lemon is home for an undetermined amount of time and Shane is a divorced father of three, living across the street from Lemon's parents. So yeah, they are going to see each other a lot. 

Lemon is doing a bit of hiding out when she returns home. She has suffered a bit of a personal loss and just wants to lay low for a while. Her reunion with Shane was very funny and it was obvious that these two were going to get along just fine. At first they fall back into the relationship they had growing up. Lemon was the younger pest who was always hanging out with Shane's younger brother and Shane was the older, stick in the mud brother. But it doesn't take long for them to realize that they have both grown up...in more ways that one. 

I found myself constantly smiling whenever Lemon and Shane were together. They made such a wonderful couple. They were playful and fun but also sexy and even serious when they needed to be. There are sweet moments between them and some were just off the charts ghost pepper hot. Shane would get all Alpha with her and I would need a cold shower. And although their relationship moves at breakneck speed, it just feels right. Lemon fits into his family quite flawlessly. It's everything she always wanted and if Shane has anything to say about it, it is also everything she will get. GAHHHHHHHHHH! I loved them so much.

I could go on and on about how much I love Shane and Lemon, but just do yourself a favor and 1-click this book. You won't be disappointed!


Author Bio

Jess Bryant has always been a writer. As a little girl she spent hours in her room putting pen to paper and creating stories. She’s been reading and writing romance novels since she first stole a book from her aunt’s Harlequin collection when she was thirteen years old. She earned a degree in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma. When she’s not writing, Jess can usually be found curled up with a glass of wine and a good book or yelling at the television during sporting events with friends and family. For more information on Jess and upcoming releases, contact her at JessBryantBooks@gmail.com.

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