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4 Star Review: Tomorrow (Kingsley #1) by Haylee Thorne

Welcome to the world of the young and restless. 

Notorious playboy and billionaire Mika Kingsley plays the game of life just like he plays at business in the boardroom...hard, fast and taking no prisoners. What he doesn't already own, he conquers and masters, bending all comers to his iron unyielding will. However, after tragedy strikes Mika finds himself desperately searching for something he can hold on to when into his new world of chaos and disarray walks... nurse Raeva... From the very first moment he lays eyes on her, he set his mind and considerable resources to acquiring her body and soul, unaware that this is one conquest that may prove more than a match for his indomitable sense of control.

Raeva Ray is young, brash, educated and beautiful. He quickly realizes that it will take more than flash and money to tame this beautiful sexy creature. Despite outward appearances however, when it comes to navigating her way around a man's heart...Raeva is clueless. After a few failed and unhealthy relationships, she had vowed to remain single and chaste...FOREVER! Like a perfect storm brewing on the horizon, these two enigmatic souls seem charted on a collision course with fate. Into her finely structured life walks Mika Kingsley, with his charismatic smile, enigmatic presence and his oh so dirty mouth. Temptation on two legs, Mika plays her body like an instrument. Raeva is finally learning what it’s like to have her body worshiped, and what it feels like to be helpless and overcome with desire and pleasure. She falls hard and fast and everything is perfect. Until...it’s not.

Mika is determined to hide all his secrets and mistakes. But they are coming back to haunt him; he knows he could lose Raeva forever. With things flying out of control and their world falling apart, Raeva must choose between what seems to be the truth and the truth she feels in her heart. Can Mika keep those he loves safe and avoid losing the one woman who makes him want to live for tomorrow?

My Review

I received an advanced copy of this book with the promise of an honest review. 

Raeva can't believe her luck when she lands a nursing position at a top notch facility. Having only recently passed her boards, this position is exactly what she needs to advance her career. On her first day, she meets Mika Kingsley. She misjudges his relationship to her patient and the two get off on the wrong foot. Despite the fact that he is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen, she finds him to be a bit of a jerk. But once the misunderstanding is cleared up, Mika makes his intentions toward Raeva very clear. 
“What?” I prompt, when I catch him staring at me.
“You are very...different. I guess that I’m not used to women who are as sweet as you, who treat others with such kindness. There is something about you…the way that you put others at ease. I admire that…a lot.”
I feel my cheeks heat up.
“Wow…um…what kind of women do you usually date?” I say half-jokingly while the other half of me would really like to know.
Mika reaches across the table and takes my hand in his before lifting it to his lips. He gently presses a kiss on the back before he answers.
“I don’t date,” he states simply.
A snort escapes my lips, causing Mika to raise his brow.
“This is somehow funny to you?” he asks.
“Yeah, well, excuse me if I am having a hard time picturing you as a monk.”
He looks at me, face laced with amusement.
“I hardly think I said anything like that, sweet pea. I am pretty sure I said that I don’t date, not that I have lived my life as a monk.”
Of course he doesn’t, I tell myself. I can’t say that I’m not thrown off a little by his reply. I mean, what are we doing here then? This is not a date? I kind of feel like an idiot for even thinking this was a date in the first place. A man like Mika Kingsley wouldn’t be interested like that in a girl like me. I’m so embarrassed that I can’t bring myself to look at him. I really don’t know how to react to this, so I simply say, “Oh.”
I feel his grip tighten around my hand.
“I just never felt inclined to spend time with a woman outside of…bedroom activities.”
I still cannot find the courage to look at him.
“Until now, that is.”
Now my eyes snap up to meet his. Did he just say what I think he said? I can’t keep track. This man is confusing me. I want him to elaborate on his statement but before he can—if he was even going to—we are interrupted by the return of Trevor with my new glass and our appetizers. Mika did not oversell the food. We start off with a mouthwatering beef carpaccio, followed by a delicious boneless lamb with mushroom crust and leek puree with miniature fingerling potatoes. To top it all off, we have the most incredible crème brulee I’ve ever tasted. We spend the meal talking about pretty much everything under the sun—except the one thing I really want to talk about—and I find that I really enjoy his company. I tell him about growing up in a small town with just my mom, my sister Serena, and my younger brother River. He tells me about the mischief he used to cause with Mikaela. It feels effortless. We joke and laugh like old friends and, despite the very obvious sexual tension between us, I feel very much at ease with him.
“I’m so stuffed. I don’t think that I can move,” I groan.
Mika chuckles at my statement.
“I love the way you attacked your food with gusto,” he teases.
“What? I like to eat, so what?” I say, not able to stop myself from grinning.
“As tiny as you are, I wouldn’t have believed it were it not for what I witnessed tonight. Dear lord sweet pea, that was downright scary,” he exclaims, looking at me in mock horror.
I roll my eyes and stick my tongue out at him.
“You better put that thing away because I won’t be held responsible for my actions if you don’t,” Mika says darkly. “Unless you want me to throw you on this table and have my way with you.”
Whoa…what? My mouth falls open. He wouldn’t. Would he? I should be put off by his words but instead I am very turned on. Mika lifts himself out of his seat and prowls toward me.
“Maybe I want you to,” I say so quietly it sounds like a whisper.
But there is no doubt that he heard every letter. Mika stops in his tracks for a moment, just as surprised by my words as I am, and then another one of those wicked grins spreads across his face, and I know that I’m in trouble—the good kind of trouble. He swiftly has me lifted out of my seat by my waist and facing him. He traces my bottom lip with his thumb.
“You better be careful what you wish for, sweet pea,” he mutters.
Oh my.
“Kiss me, Raeva,” he demands.
And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Haylee serves up some Alexa Riley realness with Mika. He's a powerful, rich (nonasshole-ish) Alpha who will do anything to get what he wants. And he basically does. His relationship with Raeva is a fast moving one that is full of heat. Lots and lots of heat. But Mika is also very sweet and treats her like a queen. Raeva is not used to a guy treating her the way Mika does and at first she is a bit hesitant, but let's just say that Mika can be very persuasive when he needs to be. I loved their relationship and was definitely excited for them to get their happily ever after. 

This is a wonderful debut from Haylee and that left me wanting more. While the book isn't a cliffhanger, there is some unfinished business that I am assuming will be addressed in subsequent books. I found the mystery aspect to the story to be quite intriguing and I found myself trying to figure out what exactly was going on. There are also some great secondary characters that I want more of. 

Before Haylee Thorne was imported from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), she was living a nomad kind of life, always traveling, resulting in a whopping 32 countries she has visited. Originating from Europe, the talent of speaking multiple languages comes naturally. Haylee speaks five languages fluently and a few others enough to order her trademark mimosa in nearly any language. After finally settling in the United States, she decided to set down roots starting a career in healthcare. Haylee is a proud RN, adores her job, and lives happily in Kentucky. With the art of writing flowing through her veins, and the appetite for devouring books since she has been very young; Ms. Thorne decided to embark on a writing journey like no other. Very new to the genre of romance, Haylee has just released her very first novel, part of the highly anticipated “Kingsley” series with the second installment coming to you in the very near future. Also, Haylee is working on a couple more projects, all of which promise to be very AWESOME. STAY TUNED!

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