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4 Star Review: No Regrets (Bomar Boys #1) by Jess Bryant

Every small town has that one family that’s more savage than civilized. The ones that are more myth and legend than man. In Old Settlers, Oklahoma that’s the Bomar boys. Wild, reckless and vicious, they skirt the line of criminal and trip over it more often than not. They are their own punchline: white trash but proud beyond compare. Dirty and dangerously sexy, it’s best to steer clear of them or else risk your life… and your heart. These are their stories.

Jemma Buxton was running scared. She’s running home. But she had no idea she was running straight into his arms.

Fleeing an abusive relationship, she left everything behind. Her life. Her hopes. Her dreams. But not her heart. She wants to move on, start over and love again, but can she trust the first boy she ever loved with her bruised heart when he’s already broken it once?

Cash Bomar never thought he would see her again. Never thought she would come back to their tiny, backwoods town. Not after he cruelly and purposefully broke her heart and all but sent her away five years ago.

Seeing her again is the surprise of a lifetime and the fact that she needs his help is the second chance he never expected to make things right. All his life he’s been told he was nothing but bad, worthless and white trash, but she makes him want to be better. Can he convince the only girl he’s ever let close, ever loved, that she was always meant to be his?

They both have pasts they wish they could change. A history together they’ll have to overcome. Can they build a future together without a lifetime of regrets?

*No Regrets is the first book in the Bomar Boys series but can be read as a stand-alone. Each book features one couple and a HEA but will build on each other so they are best read in order.

**Warning** - This book contains explicit language, sexual scenes and violence. Though not depicted, mentions of domestic violence are key to the story and can be a trigger for some.


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My Review

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Who doesn't love a bad boy? And when there is whole family of them, I'M IN!  The Bomars are people you stay away from. They are almost always on the wrong side of the law and for the most part, they are proud of it. The exceptions to this are Cash and Colt Bomar. Having grown up in a home with an addict mother and an extremely abusive father, they have done their best to stay on the right side of the law. One night Cash, who works at his uncle's garage, gets called out to help a broken down car and his life changes. 

The last person Jemma expects to rescue her when her car breaks down is her ex boyfriend, Cash Bomar. She left town after Cash broke her heart and left her devastated. She left, went to college and started a new life. Unfortunately for her, that new life included an abusive fiance and now she is back in town to once again start over. It's very clear from the moment they see each other again, that Jemma is still very angry with Cash. Five years may have passed, but neither of them got the closure they needed. She just wants to get to her friend's apt and get her car taken care of, but it turns out that her friend, Skylar, is out of town. So without a place to stay, she ends up staying at Cash's apartment. 

That is a huge moment in the book and it happens quite early, but without it, these two would have never found their way back to each other. Unfortunately they have a lot of obstacles to get over, the most important one being themselves. Cash broke up with Jemma because he felt that she deserved better. He is a Bomar and knows that despite trying to make a better life for himself, people are always going to see him as nothing more than that. And Jemma has to deal with the consequences of her choices she has made since she left town and the impact they could have on her current life. They both have a lot of baggage that they have to deal with before they can truly move on.

I love a good second chance romance and this one was fantastic. It has it all. High school sweethearts. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks. The whole "I did it because I loved you too much" thing that we all know will be debunked. And of course, true love. This may have been my first Jess Bryant book, but it will definitely not be my last. 

Author Bio

Jess Bryant has always been a writer. As a little girl she spent hours in her room putting pen to paper and creating stories. She’s been reading and writing romance novels since she first stole a book from her aunt’s Harlequin collection when she was thirteen years old. She earned a degree in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma. When she’s not writing, Jess can usually be found curled up with a glass of wine and a good book or yelling at the television during sporting events with friends and family. For more information on Jess and upcoming releases, contact her at JessBryantBooks@gmail.com.

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