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Review: The Right One (Friends Series #4) by Ariadne Wayne

Bored and stifled, she looks for ways to break free. A casual relationship with her next door neighbour becomes her dirty little secret. Elliot isn’t like the boys Rebecca grew up with. He bounces from job to job, and is a part time musician. Her father’s worst nightmare.

Rebecca swore off getting too deeply involved. She’s sick of secrets. Her last attempt at grown-up romance was blown apart by them, and Elliot has secrets of his own. Despite everything, could Elliot be the right one?

Features characters from the previous book in the series, but is a stand alone.

My Review

Ariadne has done it again. I didn't think her male characters could get any swoonier, but then she goes and writes Elliot. I pretty much knew the moment he showed up in the book (which was hilarious) that I was going to love him. And I did. I already loved Rebecca thanks to the previous book. She was a fantastic friend and coworker to Olivia and I couldn't wait to read her story. 

After catching her boyfriend cheating on her, Rebecca swears off men. She still has the occasional hook up, but she definitely is not in the market for a relationship. Then she meets Elliot. Elliot is the grandson of her next door neighbor and he has come to live with his grandmother to help her out. The two strike up a friendship and then decide that the whole "friends with benefits" relationship could work for them. 

And it does work for them. The two of them get along really well and they are more than compatible in the bedroom. Elliot is a big sweetheart and you can tell that he really cares for Rebecca. Rebecca still her awesome self and she really does like Elliot. Of course both of them start to feel more for each other, but they keep those feelings locked down. 

Just when things seem to she shifting between Rebecca and Elliot, he has to go away for work. It is obvious they miss being around each other. They talk as much as they can and when they can't talk, they text. You watch these two fall in love with each and it is a wonderful thing. 

But then something really unexpected happens and the subsequent events are what made me love this book so much. I won't give anything away, but I will say this: If I didn't already like Rebecca going into this book, her big ol' heart and capacity to love would have clinched it for me. She takes everything thrown at her in stride and quickly falls into a role she thought she would never take on. Rebecca is amazing. 

Then there is Elliot. What a guy. He's sweet, caring, funny, sexy, thoughtful, understanding and made me swoon numerous times throughout the book. He too takes on a role that he was not prepared for, but manages to take on pretty easily. Again, I don't want to give any details, but I will say that it made me want to crawl into the book, take out Rebecca (#sorrynotsorry) and keep him for myself. 

I like the excerpt below because it happens kind of early in their book and showed that they moved on from the "friends with benefits" relationship quite quickly. Now it was just a matter of them admitting to each other. 
“What made you decide to come here today?”
He pulled into a park, the engine coming to a stop as he turned the key and paused to look at me. “I thought it was time for us to spend the day together.”
I grinned.
“I also thought it would be good for you to get some fresh air. What have you been doing while I’ve been away? Working or staying in the house, right?”
Puzzled, I tilted my head, as if asking what he was on about.
“I know you, Rebecca. If you’re not at work, you’re at home. Unless something’s changed dramatically in the last few weeks, you don’t get out a lot.”
I shrugged.
“I spent time with other friends. It was at home, though.”
Elliot pulled out the keys. “Come on then. Let’s go.”
He took my hand in his as we got out of the car, and he led me toward the gate, squeezing my fingers.
“This is such a great idea,” I said.
As we reached the ticket booth, I reached into my bag for my purse.
“I’m paying.”
Elliot pushed in front of me.
“Yes, boss.”I snuggled in closer, squeezing his butt.
“Two adults please,” Elliot said, handing over the money.
He took my hand in his as we walked through the gate together, heading toward the enclosures, stopping when we got to the lions.
“These are what I came to see,” Elliot said. He put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me in close.
“Are you getting all sentimental about that movie?”I asked.
“Is that a crime?”
“No. I think it’s kinda sweet.”
I turned, and he moved his arms to around my waist as I kissed his cheek.
“So, I drive you wild with hot sex, and now you think I’m sweet? Must be winning.”
“Winning what?” I hooked my arms around his neck. 
I thought my heart was about to explode, and for once I didn’t have any kind of comeback at all.
I really can't recommend this book enough. We get a little bit of Olivia and Logan in this one as well as some of Rebecca's friends that we have not met before. We also meet her father and get to see her relationship with him not only grow, but also turn into something she definitely did not see coming. Rebecca deals with a lot in this book and with the support of her friends and the newly discovered relationship with her father, she comes out on top. 

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