Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Star Review: Ignite (Legacy, #0.75) by Rebecca Yarros

In Legacy, Colorado, I buried my father alongside his elite Hotshot team.

Ten years later, I’ve followed in his footsteps—fighting fires in the mountains of Alaska with my brother.

Amid the flames, nothing ignites me like Avery Claire.

She’s stubborn, strong, sexy as hell, and my best friend.

She also has no idea that I’m in love with her.

But Colorado is calling me home, needing every Legacy-born firefighter to successfully rebuild our fathers’ team.

One night will change everything between us,
But she’s tied to Alaska and my future is in Colorado.

Now I’m torn between what my honor demands,
And what my heart can’t live without.

My Review

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Well the streak is still alive. What streak is that, you may be asking? Well it's the one where every single book by Rebecca makes me cry. It doesn't even matter if it's not a particularly sad book, her books make me cry. There is just something about her writing that makes me feel all the feelings. I just can't help it. And this book was no different.

In Point of Origin we learned about the Legacy Hotshot crew and how they were reformed, but now we get to see how two of the members came to the team. River and Bishop are brothers, living and working in Alaska. Their father was part of that team and when they get the call about the Legacy crew, it is pretty much a no brainer. They are in. But there is one slight stumbling block and her name is Avery. 

River and Avery are the best of friends. They both have feelings for the other person, but have never acted on it. When River makes the decision to return to Legacy, he finally takes the plunge and tells her how he feels. And let's just say that's where things get good. And sexy. Good and sexy. 
“I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said, just before tracing the lines of my abs with her tongue.
I sucked in my breath as every muscle in my body tensed. She was every fantasy I’d ever had come to life.
“Your body is incredible. I’m sure you’ve been told that a million times—”
Oh hell no.
I flipped her so fast that she landed with an oomph underneath me. Then I stretched both her arms above her head and settled in between her thighs. “Nothing mattered before you. No one mattered before you. Do you understand?”
She nodded, tugging her lip between her teeth.
I leaned down and sucked it free. “Speaking of incredible bodies…” My hands followed her curves, her gently tucked waist and the flare of her hips. “God, what you do to me, Avery.”
Her hips rolled in my hands, and I set my mouth to her neck, loving her gasp, the way she softly said my name. Every tiny motion or sound she made drove me higher, wound me tighter.
My shirt was bunched a little higher than her waist, leaving her stomach bare to my lips. I kissed my way down her belly, letting my tongue and teeth linger where she whimpered. The skin just along her hipbone was the most sensitive, and I had her squirming under me in a matter of minutes.
“River.” She moaned, her fingers in my hair, urging me on.
I want to touch you so badly,” I admitted, breathing against the band of her blue lace panties.
“So touch me.”
And here's so much more where that came from. These two are so ridiculously cute together. And extremely hot. I loved that River has a close relationship with Avery's sister and thought of her as his own sibling. Because he wasn't book boyfriend material already. 

I adore friends to lovers stories. There's just something so great about a couple who know each other as well as River and Avery do. When they do finally get together, it's like they are starting off on the 300th date. They already know pretty much everything about the other person and I would even say that River knows Avery probably better than she knows herself. She has had a rough life and when the poo really hits the fan, River is there for her. But Avery believes that she doesn't deserve her happily ever after and it broke my heart. Hence the crying streak...DAMN YOU REBECCA!

If you are a fan of Rebecca, read this book. If you are like me, and enjoy the friends to lovers trope, read this book. If you like...ya know what?  Just read the book...you won't regret it. 

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