Tuesday, August 29, 2017

RELEASE BLITZ & 4 1/2 STAR REVIEW: Last First Kiss (Iron Clad Security #2) by Sidney Halston

Title: Last First Kiss
Author: Sidney Halston
Genre: Romantic Suspense

He's an A-list Hollywood heartthrob.

She's trying to prove herself in a man's world.

For this female bodyguard, protecting her client is simply business, but what happens when sparks fly and the danger heats up?

After a series of box office flops, Rocco Monroe needs a hit. Bad press, shit talking, rumors, lies…it all goes with the territory after almost two decades in the spotlight, but when he lands the role of his career in a controversial biopic, the part of a lifetime comes with a catch: a hired bodyguard.

Annabelle Clad is so bored she wants to scream. Her life is coding and algorithms and binary codes…rinse and repeat. To her Rocco Monroe means freedom, a chance to show her overprotective brother and business partner that she can contribute to Iron Clad Securities. And no arrogant playboy will fuck up her concentration by batting his lashes at her. She would never jeopardize her reputation by swooning over any man.

That had happened once, and she wouldn’t bear that loss or humiliation ever again. Even if Rocco looks like a walking fantasy...

My Review

I received an advance copy of this book with the promise of an honest review. 

Annabelle is more than capable of holding her own when it comes to working for Iron Clad Security. Tired of being tied to her desk, she is ready for the field. But trying to convince her coworkers of that is hard, especially when one of those coworkers is her over protective brother. She at her wit's end and is ready to leave the company when the perfect situation falls into her lap. 

Rocco Monroe needs a bodyguard. He doesn't want one, but he needs one. He can't film the movie that will potentially save he career unless he gets one. Totally against the idea, Rocco goes into the meeting with Iron Clad Security thinking he will get the usual, unable to blend in, bodyguard. Then he meets Annabelle. I wouldn't say that she makes a great first impression, but it is definitely memorable. The meeting ends and Annabelle thinks that she has blown her chance at getting what she wants, but the result is the exact opposite. Rocco wants Annabelle as his bodyguard, with the stipulation that she act as his girlfriend so no one will know what she is really doing. 

I LOVED these two. Annabelle is a tough as nails and can handle anything that comes her way. She has a lot to prove with this assignment and she is determined to see it through to the end, no matter how distracting Rocco can be. And he can be REALLY distracting. Rocco is charming and is used to getting what he wants. Unfortunately for him, Annabelle is all business when she starts her job. He has a hard time getting to know her, but he eventually manages to get her to loosen up a bit. The two get to know each other and realize that they actually like each other. And all of a sudden, acting as Rocco's girlfriend is a lot easier than Annabelle thought it would be.   

It's no secret that I am fan of Sidney's. I love everything I read from her and this book is no exception! Do yourself a favor and go 1-click this book. GO! 

“You’re twenty-seven years old, and you’re absolutely stunning. And I say that as a man with eyes, not as a man who’s hitting on you. Although, please, be aware I’m hitting on you. I’ve been doing that since we met.”

USA Today bestselling author, Sidney Halston lives her life with one simple rule: "Just Do It"--Nike. And that's exactly what she did.

After working hard as an attorney, Sidney picked up a pen for the first time at thirty years old to begin her dream of writing. Having never written anything other than very exciting legal briefs, she found an outlet for her imaginative, romantic side and wrote Seeing Red. That first pen stroke sealed the deal, and she fell in love with writing. Sidney lives in South Florida with her husband and children. She loves her family above all else, and reading follows a close second. When she's not writing, you can find her reading and reading and reading.

She's a reader first and a writer second. When she's not writing or reading, her life is complete and utter chaos, trying to balance family life with work and writing (and reading). But she wouldn't have it any other way.

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