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RELEASE BLITZ & 4 1/2 STAR REVIEW: Coming Home (Copper Creek #1) by Wendy Smith

Title: Coming Home
Series: Copper Creek #1
Author: Wendy Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2016


Coming home is bittersweet for Adam Campbell. His mother has cancer, but for some reason doesn’t want him there. One of his brothers welcomes him home with open arms, another treats him like dirt.

Then there’s Lily, the girl who left Adam at the altar twelve years ago. The girl who broke his heart. Adam left and didn’t look back after that happened, but being home stirs up all those old feelings.

Secrets will be revealed, including the horrifying truth about why Lily stood him up, and that she didn’t abandon Adam. Adam abandoned her.

Coming Home is the first book in the Copper Creek series. Set in the fictional small New Zealand town of Copper Creek, the series will explore the dark secrets the town holds, including the secrets held tight by members of the Campbell family. This is not your everyday romance, but a twisty tale that takes turns no one will see coming.

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My Review

I received an advanced copy of this book with the promise of an honest review.

Lily wakes up one morning ready to marry the boy she loves and by the end of the day, both their hearts have been shattered into a million pieces. Adam, thinking Lily doesn't want him anymore leaves the country and doesn't return for twelve years. What prompts his return is a phone call from one of his brother's regarding the health of his mother. Returning home is the last thing he wants to do, but Adam knows that it is time. 

It isn't long after he returns that Adam runs into Lily. Their meeting is surprising and drama free, but it does set off a chain of events that allows for Adam to be involved in Lily's life again. It was wonderful to watch them not only get a second chance, but to also watch them get to know each other again. A LOT has happened in the years they were apart and there is still a lot that they don't know. 

It was obvious that Lily and Adam are still very much in love. Once they are able to clear the air and confront the demons from their past, it was easy to see why and how they still loved each other. I absolutely loved Lily and Adam together. Adam was a giant sweetheart and Lily was one strong woman. Once Adam realized what he really wanted, he did nothing but try to convince a hesitant Lily that they belonged together. He used his words and most importantly, his actions, to show her that he wasn't going anywhere. 

Adam returning home not only has him repairing his relationship with Lily, but also with his brothers. While he was away, the contact he had with them was sparse and not all of his brothers were happy with his return. But I loved his brothers. I loved that even his his absence, Adam's brothers stuck around to help Lily out. She was about as stubborn as they come when it came to accepting help from others, but she let them and eventually Adam provide the help she so badly needed. I love those Campbell boys and I can't wait to learn more about them in the upcoming books. 

The author has stated multiple times how this book is so different from the books that she as written as Ariadne Wayne and that's not a bad thing. It's definitely an emotional ready and I found myself getting choked up more than once. liked the use of flashbacks to fill in the gaps of what happened during the twelve years they were apart. Those were probably the hardest parts to read, but it showed that there was much more to the story than meets the eye. And there are a few surprises along the way that help keep the story fresh. And yes, this story is a bit darker than what people may be used to, but don't let that stop you from reading it. It is a wonderful second chance romance that will leave you wanting more. 

Author Bio

Wendy Smith published as Ariadne Wayne for 3 years before deciding she didn’t want to be someone else all the time. Heavily influenced by stories in the media, she decided to try something new, and the Copper Creek series was born. With lots of love and a touch of darkness, her stories will twist their way into your heart.

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