Authors everyone should 1-click!

Full Disclosure: I am on some of these author's street teams and/or belong to their Facebook groups. I also review their books. Sometimes I get ARCs. Sometimes I don't. I've also met quite a few of them. But I am always truthful with my reviews. 

Having said that...these are the authors that I think people should 1-click! (I will keep adding to this page when I can!)

In no particular order: 

Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca's books take you on an emotional journey. You will laugh and you will cry. The men will make you swoon and you will be really jealous of the women who are on the receiving end of all the swoonworthy behavior. Plus Rebecca is just really nice and when I do finally meet her, I might hug her to death. (Heed my warning Rebecca!)

Chloe Barlow

Chloe knows how to write yummy men and also kickass heroines. If the women in her books were real I would want to be BFFs with them. And if the men were real....well, I won't write what I would do...hee hee. Plus, Chloe is good people. When her second book came out she took the time to chat with me and answer any questions I had. See...GOOD PEOPLE! 

T.K. Leigh

You will experience a lot of emotions while reading T.K.'s books. You will laugh. You will cry sad tears. You will cry happy tears. You will yell at your e-reader. You will throw your e-reader down on your bed/couch/chair. You will want to throw your ereader at the wall, but hopefully you won't. And you WILL have book hangovers like you have never experience before and you will LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Claudia Connor

Here's why Claudia is awesome. She introduced us to the McKinney Brothers who are loyal, sweet, loving, and ridiculously sexy. Then in her second book she gave us a taste of the Walker men. Sure, they are secondary characters, but she wrote them in a way that had me asking her "They are going to get their own series, right?" And they are!  Thanks Claudia!

Jamie Rae

Jamie only has one novel out so far (Call Sign Karma), but I want EVERYONE to read's just so darn good. The hero in the book is a good looking, BRITISH, fighter pilot and the heroine is completely kick ass woman. She also introduces the readers to a bunch of secondary characters that I really want to know better. I can't wait to read more of her books!!!

Tessa Bailey

If Tessa writes a book, I will love it. Her Alpha males are just out of this world amazing. A Brooklyn crime boss with a heart of gold?  YUP. A surly, blue eyed, Irish race car driver? YES PLEASE! A sexy, dirty talking, English professor? SIGN ME UP!  So go buy all of her books...GO GO GO!

Corinne Michaels

Corinne likes to leave her readers hanging with heart wrenching cliffhangers and we just keep going back for more! I'd say we are all a glutton for punishment, but it is really because her books are just that amazing. Plus, I think she likes to torture her readers, but only because she loves us so much!

Steph Nuss

Steph's Love in the City series is one of my favorites! She hooked me from the beginning with a "friends to lovers" book, but I fell in love with all the characters. Plus the books take place in the city where I live, NYC. Steph is also good people and I totally put her in the category of people I will probably hug to death with I finally do meet her. (Soon Steph...SOON! hee hee.)  

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Elisabeth Grace

If you haven't read Elisabeth's Indiscretion box set you are missing out on Max, one of the hottest males characters I've ever read. There are some scenes in that book that will melt your panties right off your body! And her most recent release Collateral Damage wasn't just your standard romance novel and I absolutely LOVED it!

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